People tend to idolize server owners >.<

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by vapid2323, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Any server owner out there can understand where I am coming from with this. No matter what you do, players will always ask for the owner or admin.

    Player: Hey is the owner on
    Mod: What can I help you with
    Player: Is the owner on?
    Mod: he is busy can I help you?
    Player: No I need the owner, do you know when he will be on??
    Owner: What can I do for you?
    Player: What type of server is this
    Owner: >.<

    What do you think creats this feeling in players? Do you think its the young playerbase that minecraft tends to bring in?
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    i dont know, but i plan to get mine to build a statue to my honour .... not ingame but in real life ! peasents go punch trees!!! (ok the power may be getting to me)
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    they also kiss up to server owners
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    SO true...
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    I agree, create an alt account that people dont know you use and see how players act around you. You quickly see that they treat you VERY different as a owner/admin.
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    looks a lot like Q's i get almost every day :p

    some people take it to the extreme...

    1time some1 joined and asked direct after join "can i be admin" i say "no" and then he says "what a bad server" and leaves :s

    Like WTF!
    after that he goes on the forum talking it is a bad server
    even more WTF!
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    I talked with a guy for about 5 min, he found out I was the owner and said:

    "Oh your the owner, well this server sucks because you dont care about the little people"

    I was as helpfull as possible going over Towny and Heroes etc. The fact is you will not make everyone happy, you just need to move on.
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    Very Very true.

    800th post.
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    That is a problem, along with the stupidity of their minds and lack of maturity.
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    Also, suddenly when a Owner/Admin comes on, they act like angels, kissing up. Hello 'x' whats up? acting all friendly, and then when they leave they act normal and ignore everybody else except when they want something.
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    i only have a small player base but yeah i know what you mean, but i do also have players that are very helpful etc but not to get stuff just to be helpful.

    i also have players that ask for stuff the minute i logon .... grrrrr
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    Being a well known plugin dev and server owner is double pain
    1. Constantly getting questions about your plugins/projects (which I don't mind too much but its never ending)
    2. Constantly getting asked for help with things my admins can take care of
    3. Constantly getting whined at
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    That's what I do on my server: On the website/forums I use a different name than my ingame nick.
    We are NOT using any plugin that colors/marks the nicks of mods/admins in chat, and if people join for the first time and start asking for admins, we just say they are not online or even better, we say there are no admins at all (to my surprise, lots of people actually believe that, lol)
    Most of the time if this is asked on a player's first join, it's the really retarded kind of griefer, who came up with the genius plan to ask if there is an admin online first, because if not, you can just grief away, right? You can usually ban and rollback within a minute in such cases.
    Other times, when people got robbed, houses griefed, we just pretend to be caring players ("why do you need an admin? did anything happen?"), and just do a rollback or whatever is required a minute after.
    Imo, it's best if the players don't even notice there are admins working behind the scenes, but that everything is just working, and problems fix themselves.
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    Being an owner is not the best thing in the world sometimes - you have to deal with the most shit lol
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    It certainly doesn't help that you're managing 'the' /v/ server :p Though to be honest I didn't make the connection until I did connect to take a sneak peek at the experience bars since I normally lurk around the other boards.

    Quote for the MFT. Less headaches for those who do the fixing, less stress for those who need help because they know that things will be fixed in the end even if they don't know exactly when.
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    Being an admin, i like the control, if someone is messing with your houses or projects, you can do something about it, rather then sit there and watch your hours of endless work burn to the ground
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    Oh my lord. It bugs me so much when people come on and say "Can I be an Admin!" and you tell them no. Not to mention the fact the people ask for stuff all the time. I just started muting people who ask...and what happens when I un-mute people? they ask again! But still, I love running servers and such. Its just so hard to find good players to make a mod or admin to take some of the work off of me because they are all like 12! :p
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    For your information, it depends on maturity not age. How old you do think I am? Take a guess. Well, the answer is 12. Don't go dissing people just because of their age, or make sterotypes.

    On another note,
    When I first started my server I never said that I was the owner, and changed my title in game to 'Citizen' (which is the second rank on my server, after Default). I loved it because they acted like them true selves, and as soon as one of my admins or mods came on they started acting like angels. A few of them were cheaters and tried to get me to cheat with them. I wish I could see the look of confusion on their faces when they got hit by the banhammer.
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    well though my experience 90% of the people the age of 12 or under are immature.
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    In your post you basically said that all people who are the age of 12 are immature.

    Good day to you, sir!
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    I have witnessed this in real life as well.

    I work at a hole in the wall computer store and I have been there for nearly 10 years if you don't count the 3 year mistake of doing applecare in between. For most of this time it has just been myself and the owner. We get along really well but over the last few years he has gotten away from the computer side of things.

    So I do most of the repairs, service calls etc. I still constantly get this from people "is the owner in?" "Can I speak to the owner. ?". Then they ask a very mundane tech related question and 99% of the time he refers them back to me. It's a ridiculous circle that I have learned to put up with.

    Now for the longest time I blamed bigbox stores for this. I imagine people never get the answers they need out of bigbox employee's so they immediately ask for the person above the minwage guy without giving him a chance to help them. Owning a minecraft server has taught me that this simply isn't the case. There is some level of direct appreciation and importance in speaking to the owner for these people. These people feel that nobody else is capable of relaying their oh so very important information but them.

    Some days my boss tells people I'm the owner just so they'll leave him alone. I do the same thing with my minecraft server. I found removing the tags on player chat really helped with this. Anyone who asks to be admin gets struck down with lightning and then subsequently ridiculed by my other players. This seems to work well for us.
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    hmm well 90% that's 1 out of 10 people the age of 12 or below act mature. now I want you to prove otherwise to me, that 90% is an unfair estimate for that. But then again you have a troll certificate so I'm not going to feed the trolls. Good day to you as well! :)
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    I agree people suck up admins but they're STUPID we the admins can READ THE CHAT! i read it n they say things like:
    Player: IDC if he/she is the admin i wanna fly!
    Player: *flying* WHAT NOW U CANT STOP ME!
    Me: *reading chat like a snoop :3* retards these days
    Me: *tlkin on server chat* I CAN SEE WHAT U SAY NO MATTER WHAT!
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    I creep on my server console all the time :3
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    We're considering removing tags as well.
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    We removed tags to make way for factions.

    Virtually nobody asks to be mod anymore which is a nice bonus.
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    I also removed moderator applications in my community and instead scout for people and observe them without telling any one. Everyone's on their best behavior now 8D
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    It is correct to assume that nearly all 12 year olds will be immature. The dictionary definition is
    not mature, ripe, developed, perfected, etc.

    emotionally undeveloped; juvenile; childish.


    [FONT=Verdana]Physical[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]Geography[/FONT] . youthful ( def. 5 )

    That is not to say there are no exceptions though. Your example does not prove that 12 year olds are mature, but that you are a special exception.

    Of course, when it comes to these things I would say most 20+ year olds are immature as well.
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    I agree ^

    Although most 12 year olds are childish, as seen on other video games. But some are pretty mature. Same with 20 year olds,

    You get mature by growing around your surroundins, your family, the parents that thought you "good" manners and the level of wiseness in your brain, the more strict your life is, the faster you learn about maturity,

    For example when bad parenting happens, the child does his own thing, and that thing may not be the right choice, and from that choice that he made, he'll continue to make them

    P.S I'm not sure if that's extacly true, but its what I think, and I myself am 15 years old, on my profile it says 31 since I don't want any restrictions on the website, which I don't think it has any
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    Its about right, the 2 generally accepted factors influencing a persons behavior are parenting and friends, a lot of other factors as well but those are the 2 big ones. And of course there is the golden rule, that there is an exception to every rule (except this one ;))
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