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    Plugin category: PvP/Economy/Miscellaneous

    Minecraft version: 1.14.2

    Suggested name: PayPVP

    What I Want (Ideas Attached to Paragraphs):

    ends a configurable percentage and amount of money from a players account to his killer. If only can choose one, % takes trump. [In my case I will be using 100% so 1.00] The killed should still drop all items on the ground and default exp drop as well.

    Percentage and Amount of money loss on natural [world npc's mobs lava stuff like that] death. If only can choose one, % takes trump. I understand there are other plugins that do this but having it tied into one would be nice. If you do not want to do this part I can just grab another plugin.

    Ties into CombatLogX, so if the player combat logs his money is still given to the last attacking player [option for most damage dealt to player in config maybe? not sure if possible] If neither is possible run an /eco command of sorts that sets the targeted players balance to a configurable amount. Version CombatLogX is currently being used.

    If a player is pvping another player and takes their last damage by; fall, mobs, ect., it still counts at world damage and I am okay with the attacker losing out on his prize. Unless there is a way to get around this but I don't believe so.

    Vault based economics system.

    Setting a players %loss or amount of money using group perms.

    Ideas for commands:
    /paypvp reload

    Ideas for permissions:
    paypvp.exempt - This player is exempt from losing money on death.

    When I'd like it by: Preferably in a time span of 1-2 weeks, but no rush.
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    Yes this plugin allows me to set an amount of money gained if you kill another player that is all.
    I am looking for complete transfer of money from the killed to the killer. It does not have the option for that.
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