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    When they get banned can there be a message which says if you would like to be unabnned please Donate to our website. And in the center there is the paypal logo :)
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    Even though your post hasn't been formatted yet, I'd like to mention that it's not possible to display a logo of the ban message in the client. That's client-side, not server-side. It would be possible to display the link though, just not click-able, as with any link in MC though.
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    Its possible, except for the paypal logo.
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    Why would you want this? If you ban people, you probably do that for a reason...
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    so, if a grief-er was rich, and didn't mind spending money to grief people, he could just repeatedly grief your server?
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    You could always make it double each time or depending on certain variables. Also, heck, I'd let someone pay me $50 to come on the server and just roll-back their changes and re-ban them. I'm not rich like they are! XD
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    Get buycraft it costs bout 5-20$ but players can buy stuff like unbans and items
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    y u so ignorant?
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    sorry if i am its just why would you care about it being formatted. Most people dont make it formatted
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    Exactly why he DOES care.
    Also buycraft is the way my friend.
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    Ok i will check out BuyCraft
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    You should format your post because that way developers like myself would actually pay more attention to it and more interested also it contains all the tings we need to know to you your request making it easier for the both of us
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    ok i will next time

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