Filled Payday Plugin? [Big Plugin Request]

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    Plugin category: Fun and Mechanics

    Suggested name: HeistPlugin

    Introduction: Hello all I assume a good half of you know what Payday: The Heist is or Payday2. Basically its a game where you rob banks, make money, buy better items, and with skill trees. With no weapons acting as guns so its just vanilla weapons being used. So Heist allow 4 players to go together and rob a bank. I was wondering if anyone knows a plugin with the idea of generated miniworlds or something for people. Like on minigames servers where a few people goto a different world(or server) and play a minigame. Its kinda a everything in one plugin.

    What I want:

    • Has a lobby board of the name of the heist (configurable in the config file). 4 Players max
    • Like Hunger Games with the different lobbies takes you to a different world like thing with only the players there who can use that chat
    • Skill tree upgrades
    • When a player clicks the sign to join the heist he/she will still be in the main lobby area waiting for 3 other players so the player can do parkour or just chat in general.
    • Command Blocks enabled for the game to tell the players what todo.
    • Like in the actual game once they are allowed to go to the van(after getting a certain amount of money configureable in the configfile) that is the ending point make a command so I can set the spawnpoint/endpoint of the players for each heist
    • Once the players each the van there inventories are calculated so depending on the amount of iron, gold, diamonds, coal, redstone, and emeralds(prices configurable) they get that much to there account balance. But, 3/4 of what the player gets after the prices are divide among the people that goes to the offshore account.
    • When you type /balance or /money it will give you the amount you have to spend and the amount you have in your offshore account.
    • With skill trees, you have to add levels to the game, like the amount of experience you'll get for playing that mission which then will be put into a players levels so then once they level up they can spend one skill card on a skill tree.
    • With the spending money you use that to buy weapons, armor, and fun items like that.
    • With the offshore money that is used to buy a private heist so only the player and his 3 other friends can play.
    • Donater items will be things like, certain hats/masks, specific weapons, and then pets, special prefixies and name colors. The owner/mods/admins will have a prefix and suffix with different chat colors.
    • Have a social friends list with /friends so they can add friends to a list see if there online, message them and invite them to a game with /friend invite <name>.
    • If they don't like the heist they can type /lobby or /leave (make a thing in chat for every heist when they join it).
    • There are different levels like the player name would be like. [Thug](Rankname) [7](level) Paydayguy(name). So like for the first 10 levels the player will be called Thug but have the level thing so people know he is a Thug level 7 for example.
    • There are 10 levels since there are 100 levels in the real game make the rank names configurable.
    • If I forget anything important let me know. Also if there are plugins for parts I have requested.
    • Also each player spawns with (inorder) Clock that makes all players disappear upon clicking it and then a 5 second cooldown time then you can make players visible and the clock is labeled "Magic Clock" in configurable text color.
    • A Gray leather tunic which is labeled "Armoury" in configurable text color which when they open it that will appear a double chest that has configurable items to be put in each slot with pricing. Once the armor is bought that will be equipped when they join a heist.
    • With the armor a custom config with the ability to edit for which sets of armor have slowness or (if possible) configurable way of setting how so they can walk.
    • A Diamond Sword labeled "Weapon Shop" in configurable text color that again, as opens it that will appear a double chest that has configurable items to be put in each slot with pricing and to upgrade the weapons enchantments.
    • Then there is a chainmail helmet that is labeled "Masks" in configurable text color that when it opens it that will appear a double chest that has configurable items to be put in each slot with pricing that when once it is bought it equips for everywhere you go.
    • With the masks there is a pumpkin labeled "Your Masks" in configurable text color that has a double chest with all the masks you have bought so you can change what you wear.
    Ideas for commands:
    • /leave or /lobby Allows a player to leave a heist
    • /heist buy <name> Allows you to buy a private heist which takes money away from your offshore account balance
    • /heist list List the hesit that are avaiable and the pricing for how much a heist will cost to buy it
    • /balance or /money Shows how much money you have in your spending account and offshore account
    • /friend add Adds a friend to your friend list
    • /friend list Lists the friends you have added
    • /friend accept<name> Accepts a friend request from someone
    • /invite <name> Invites a player to a open heist with them
    • /join <name> Allows a player to join his friend from once the invite is received
    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you get the chance to complete it (Preferably by the end of November :3)

    Hopefully whoever decides to make this plugin knows the game so they know more specific things I may have left out (sorry)
    I will worry about the maps for each lobby like thing.
    I intend on this being a big thing for minigame server dedicated to it since I haven't seen a Payday server yet or maybe one in development.
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    Bump :3
    Also redoing format and such so its more organized for anyone who would kindly take on the challenge
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    lol, so like grant theft auto?
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    Well if you know the game Payday then yes, its the closet thing to GTA 5 on PC that we can get
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    I stopped reading after 4th bullet. You're asking for someone to put a server together for you, There are many plugins that do this features for you, no offense you sound lazy to search and just want the plugins that do this put in 1. This plugin request is very high demanding and I bet who ever would do this would charge alot for it. not like they would have to do alot, all they would have to do is download all the plugins your not willing to search for and just hand them to you...

  6. He did say
    "[Big Plugin Request]"
    but atleasts he organized unlike some of the other ones here
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    Well I found a developer so yay! :D

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