Paycraft trustworthy?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Semirotta, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys! I am wondering if Paycraft is trustworthy or not?
    Is it well protected?
    I don't want to pay shitloads of money to use Buycraft...
    (people don't need to be telling me that you don't have to pay for Buycraft but you really do if you want more than couple of packages)
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    I never actually used PayCraft, but if you want something 150% trustworthy use manual donations with PayPal buttons.
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    They seem trustworthy, buycraft is more established though. You can't really expect a amazing service for free.
  4. My friend kind a told me that their database is easy to get into by outlander... Basically person can make the RANKS cost for example 1 USD or such... I would notice it but otherwise nothing harm can be done.

    I dont have homepage, only in game donation system and the webstore :D
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    Just go with buycraft :p
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    Try using donationcraft
  7. No since it costs to get more packages and i feel like its really unfair :D
    Basically i must pay for a plugin which i feel should be my choice to do so or not. . .

    I believe using enjin's donationcraft requires page in . . . I cannot make semicraft named page since there is one already (by me) which i dont have admin rights nor password at all and their support won't answer about it so their page just totally sucks :)
  8. The paycraft page won't work? wtf did they just remove this or what? I hate buycraft coz they make you pay for more packages. . . No other good plugin for this? I cant use enjin's donationcraft since they wont give me my admin rights / my password back.
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    Did you read the Terms of Service when you signed up for the Enjin account / setting up the website?
  10. I did, like I remember that anymore. :)
    I wouldn't mind using enjin but I can't make my page name there "Semicraft"... Because it is taken by my old account/page which I have no access of any kind. has been acquired by

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    Really? It's 15 bucks for three months of service. That's a pretty dam good deal for the amazing service and support. If you don't want to pay so little money don't even bother running a server.
  12. I already pay for a server. Plugins are supposed to be free to use, those bastards just want money :D Some of us don't run 500 - 1000 player server and earn money by their donations. Some of us host smaller servers with less people and less donators.
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    I have 0 players on now, have gotten no donations in two months, and pay $90 a month for a dedicated server out of my pocket. I am only 14, I still find the cost of BuyCraft minimal. Again, if you can't afford BuyCraft, don't run a server.

    Edit: BuyCraft doesn't just want to make money, they are a professional service. They have awesome support, and a great product.

    Edit2: And... Plugins don't have to be free, writing plugin code is extremely hard, try it yourself, I have. And when you provide hosting for a WebStore, a custom control panel, and a Java plugin while still providing support is worthy of payment in return.
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  14. Plugins should be free and people should donate if they feel like so, for example i have donated to many plugin developers because i ENJOY their plugins and think its nice that they are out there, buycraft just whores money from people even though they could do that for free and just have a donator button somewhere like everyone else. I am using enjin's since they dont want money for using it and i will send them money when i got the extra.
    I am not hosting server so i could pay money for random plugin just to use it. at least with enjin i get a homepage to use too FOR FREE.
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    Some people, you, just don't get it. It's 5 bucks a month for an amazing service. I honestly don't think you understand the time that was put into BuyCraft. They are not whores that just want money. They run a legitimate business, no buts about it.
  16. Oh you silly kid, i remember the day when they did not ask for money. Was running fine when it was just free etc. people had a choise to donate or not. Then they got greedy, changed it into monthly fee so you can make more packages etc. It is just money whoring. I am no longer taking a part of this conversation since it is not taking us anywhere. I give money to plugin developers when i feel like doing so, not because i have to.
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    while you have that, server owners get much more donations than plugin developers, even though server owners put much less work usually, then you have bukkit it self which gets practically no donations at all. some servers even take it as far as paying to even play. and they still get lots of players.

    after a while it creeps into your mind.
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    If they were that good in comparison they wouldn't have had to buy it out. I hope they spare community piston.
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    You know what? Ofcourse not. They are hosting your webpage, and handling your donations. Dont ecxpect this to be free. This costs money for them too you know.
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