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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by EddyTakesL, Jul 23, 2018.

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    So how this goes

    A sign that will
    • increases the money of the placer (amount can be configured, eg "eco give {owner} amountVar)"
    • decreases the money of the user (the person who clicks the sign); please make the amount related to the amountVar, eg "eco take {user} (amountVar * 0.8)"
    • run a command and is configurable in the config
    Please make the sign something like this
    Row 1.
    Row 2. (sign placer's ign)
    Row 3. (cost)
    Row 4. variable

    Note: the variable is the command (config)
    - 'configurableName': "/configurableCommand"
    - 'configurableName2': "/configurableCommand2"
    This is called /pay with a twist because it is kind of pay but with some other features.

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    Just going to play it safe and make this for 1.12.2

    Edit: Real quick, that variable part, would that just be an ID that corresponds with a value in the config? For example

    [ Line 1: Blank ]
    [ Line 2: Player Name ]
    [ Line 3: Amount ]
    [ Line 4: 3 ]

    And then in the config:
    1: /example1
    2: /example2
    3: /example3

    And then the server would run the command: /example3

    ? Because if not this, then I don't think that most commands would fit on that fourth line there unless they're no argument commands.
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    sorry for the late response

    the commands will be pre defined in the config folder
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    I'd just make a plugin that has one command in it that pays from one to other and use it with a cmd block...
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