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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by sjumilaskogen, Feb 6, 2021.

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    Minecraft version: 1.16.4

    Suggested name: PayToKeepInventory

    What I want: A plugin that makes it cost money to get your inventory and armor back after death. I want this plugin to use Vault and I would prefer if it works with commands only (no death chests). A config file would be great for choosing the cost for getting inventory back and maybe also choose if armor should be included or not.

    Ideas for commands: /GetInventoryBack - - - Get inventory back if afforded.
    /reload PayToKeepInventory - - - Reload config file.

    Ideas for permissions: getinventoryback.use - - - Allows the use of /GetInventoryBack.
    getinventoryback.reload - - - Allows the use of /reload PayToKeepInventory. - - - Allows the use of /GetInventoryBack for free.

    Ideas for bonus features(or another plugin): Add a customizable cooldown for the use of selected commands on death.
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    I took up this project because it sounds fun and not too difficult. How long after death do you want the command to be available for? Should I put it in a config file to make it editable?
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    Thanks! :D I realize now that I was a bit unclear about what I meant with the bonus feature. I was thinking it would be great with a plugin that prevents people from using some commands right away after death (like teleporting back for example) so I meant a cooldown for using other plugin's commands for a chosen amount of time, but maybe that's not possible and you don't need to try if you don't want to. It's the payment part that I'm most excited about. This bonus feature (or other plugin) would then be some kind of customizable punishment for dying. If you want to make the "/GetInventoryBack'' command work just for a short time after death that's not what I meant but it's totally fine if you think it sounds fun. In that case I'm thinking it would be great if it's editable in a config file. The bonus feature as I think it would also need a config file for choosing what commands would be banned and for how long. Thank you again and I'm sorry if I'm unclear about anything, I'm somewhat new to plugins and English isn't my first language either.
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    Im going to have a go at creating this, Ill let you know when its done

    @sjumilaskogen I have made the plugin, feel free to have a go and let me know what you think!
    Spigot Link:

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    Hi @uhFinn ! I'm sorry for my late reply. However, I've tried the plugin now and I love it. Thank you very much! :D
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