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    My friend and I are planning on making a server. We have a pretty solid idea and some existing plugins will work as they are. Here is our idea of the server so far "Civilization Craft" What we need are 2 plugins.

    First of all we plan on using Citizens 2.0 as the main plugin for the server. Players will build their towns for their villagers by using the Builder npc ONLY they will not be able to build like normal minecraft, if they want to remove land or flatten an area they can use the builder for this as well. This can all be done with Citizens as it is now. We can restrict how many npcs a player has via the config, and if we can get the Pay Command plugin working we can use this to charge people to use the npcs also.

    The first plugin needed is a plugin that will charge people for using plugins. The plugin Command IConomy would have worked but it is outdated and the developer has abandoned it. This plugin would be EXACTLY what we need. Something to let us set a cost for ANY commands of ANY plugin. I'm not sure if there are any replacements for this plugin or if someone has continued it and i can't find it.

    The second plugin we need is something that will reset regions. There will be a Central "Neutral Combat" zone where the nations battle for different regions. Once one of the Countries has taken that region it is there's for a certain amount of time. They can then take this time to gather resources like normal minecraft which they use by either selling to earn money, or using them for building mats on their Builder Npc to build better towns and such.

    The problem is we need the region to revert back to a normal region AFTER the countries time limit has run out. So that it can be capture again later and the next people can gather their resources. It wouldn't be very much fun if the people who come on next capture the region and all the resources are gone.

    This can be done manually with World Edit or with Citizens so long as we have a schematic of the region saved. But I would like to make it all automated so that admins don't have to be one in order for players to capture regions. I would Prefer if the Builder npc from Citizens was used to do this for "image" purposes... It would just look awesome to see the npc's rebuilding the region before your about to take it lol...

    So there you have it.. a big wall of text.. But basically I need an updated version of Command IConomy and something that will Auto Run a command after certain events have happened.
  2. Hmm, try out buycraft.... then use /pex for permissions to give them....
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    well for donor items that would be good.. but i'm looking for a way for players to buy commands with In Game Money.... I'm pretty sure buycraft is only for real money.
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    Use VariableTriggers and make your own /command trigger like /buycmd [command]

    This will let you script what to do when they type /buycmd and in the script you can test to see if they have enough money to buy it and if so then in the script you can add that permmission to the player. There is an unlimited amount of things you can make your server do with this plugin. All you need to doo is make some simple scripts. I don't mean Java I mean so basic VT script commands.

    The best place to start is by reading the documentation and then visit the VT forum where you can see scripts that others have posted and also ask for help from the VT users.
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    Thank you for the information.. I know I should probably be asking the VT users about this but is it possible to make a script that will activate a command after a certain amount of time? Like.. When the Region is captured, its remains capture for 5 min (example). Is it possible to trigger the command to repair the region to the way it was after the 5 min is up?

    If so then this would be killing 2 birds with 1 stone.. XD
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    You can @PAUSE a script for however long you want and you can use commands from any other plugin you have @CMDCON or @CMDOP

    The next update that will be released very soon also has a new Timer event trigger. Would come in very handy.
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    That is awesome...XD Now that I've seen the plugin there's probably a lot more than just the stuff i needed it for to begin with. Can't wait to fire it up.

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