Pawn as a plugin language for bukkit

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Sneaky, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Sneaky? As in SA-MP for Gta???
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    I'm not 100% sure how you'd be able to implement pawn in bukkit as there isn't really any java based interpreter for it. And yes, Maxx001, Pawn has been used by SA-MP. It's also been used by Amxmod(x) and Source Mod. For a long time it was called Small, but they changed the name in the last few years to avoid confusion with other languages with the same or similar name.
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    Yes, and you are?

    I have no idea at all, I hope someone can figure it out :)
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    IMHO Pawn is a horrible language, I'd rather recommend Brainfuck. However, like any other potential scripting language, it's all about who makes what kind of interpreter for it.
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    I was the developer of a daily 70+ players server called gta: online back in the good ol' days of SA-MP :) I remember you from the forums. Just thought it was funny to see you here after all those years.

    As for the topic, java has almost the same syntax as pawn as they're both based on the C/C++ syntax family so i don't really see the need for pawn support in bukkit.
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    LOL. ThATS INSANE. I was a fellow SA:MP player aswell. Server mod for World Of Stunt(w/ stumpy & amanda etc...) And I was on Westside server very often. In fact, I programmed a fully operational clone of that server, That took about 5 months. Mike_Zombie
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    Hmmm... Yeah... Since Zephyrus knows source pawn, and me Python, we could make a team easy. But atm im only writing in python for minecraft...
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