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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tschagg, May 14, 2013.

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    hi guys, im rly upset of worldedit now.
    i tried to paste a rly big schematic, it crashed 2 times chunks, took me 2 hours to fix it all.
    is there a better way to paste large schematics into the world instead of WorldEdit or McEdit?

    i rly dont understand why worldedit use this pasting system.
    i use Prism for rollback, it can rollback 5 Million blocks without ANY lag or crashed, bcause it uses a step by step system, worldedit just a "BOOM THERE U HAVE IT".

    Any solutions?
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  2. -> Youtube -> MCEdit tutorials -> Success
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    yeah if you have a large server with a 6gb map, mcedit isnt the right tool, but thanks for the standard reply. and i said in my post: other things than mcedit.
  4. Open the schematic and cut it into different schematics
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    Never saw WorldEdit actually crash the server. Worst case, if the schematic is large, several or all players get disconnected, server seems unresponsive for some time, but once the //paste is finished it goes back to normal without crashing.

    You do need tons of RAM for large schematics though. Last time I pasted a big schematic server RAM was 24 GB.

    Just splice it up, make several smaller schematics instead of one big one.
  6. I worldedited 5 million blocks on a 2G 3.2GHz computer.
  7. When pasting big schematics, world edit will crash, it is normally, you need to make pieces of schematics and paste them.
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    I have crashed a server with world edit many times xD
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    I'm pasting a 160 billion block schematic in MCEdit. MCEdit is the standard response everyone gives, but it can't be the best thing to use. Time left: 7 days, and it said 3 days yesterday. Is there anything else?
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    why would u even paste something that big, what u doing?
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    Your amazing! so much help! i had this multiverse world and i wantedc to paste it in my normal world but i couldnt do it because my server keeps crashing thanks to you no more crashes!
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    For Craftbukkit 1.7.9, I use AsyncWorldEdit 1.4 and BlocksHub 0.3 with WorldEdit 5.6.2 which queues WE operations safely.

    I tried SafeEdit but there is no "sundo" unless you are an Operator (which on my server, OP is disabled and not used by anyone...pure permissions-based only)

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