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    Minecraft Version: 1.7.10

    What I need: Hello, I need a plugin that enables a sort of passive mode for my players. Essentially when active, players can’t hit or be hit by other players. This should ideally work on a per player basis, so if a player doesn’t want to have pvp they can use this and if they want pvp they can turn it off. Preferably, I’d like there to be a configurable cool down between activations and deactivations. So when someone leaves passive mode, they have to wait the specified amount of time before they can turn it back on. I also need it to NOT override WorldGuard region pvp rules as this would break my community hub and my arenas.

    /passivemode (on/off) - enable and disable passive mode for self.
    /passivemode list - list all the players that are in passive mode and possibly a second list of those who aren’t.
    /passivemode [Player] (on/off) - a command for admins that allow them to turn passive mode on or off for any player at anytime and should ignore the cooldown.
    /passivemode reload - reload the plugin config e.g. new cooldown.

    Passivemode.player - allows players to use the command to enter and exit passive mode.
    Passivemode.admin - allows admins to use the /passivemode [player] (on/off) command.
    Passivemode.list - allows admins to use the /passivemode list command.
    Passivemode.reload - allows admins to use the /passivemode reload command.

    When I need it: As soon as possible

    thanks for reading, I hope someone can do this for me. I’ll be very thankful to anyone that can help.
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    I could do this for you but I have already taken up another request and I have ti update one of my current plugins so it will be about a week before I get back to you so if anyone else wants to do it feel free to do so otherwise ill get back to you when I have time.
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    Thanks, if no one else can do it sooner, that will be fine
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    Hello, I am done with my other request and I can help with this, if you still need it. However I need you to answer some questions.

    1) Do you want a passive mode combat cooldown (even though a lot of combat cooldown plugins can do this, do you want the plugins to have a cooldown after engaging in combat with another player)

    2) Do you want it to affect mobs (will mobs be able to hit you when you are on passive mode)

    3) Will you be able to place lava, tnt, light fires with flint and steel... while on passive mode

    4) The thing you said about worldguard. Your hub will not break but the arenas, its kinda hard to make it not be allowed in some regions. Can't you use worldguard to make it so the command isn't available in the arenas.
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    The player shouldn’t be able to enter passive mode if they are in combat with another player ( if possible) so a cooldown after engaging in combat would be great.

    Mobs should still be able to attack you in passive mode to allow you to play survival as normal.

    TNT placement should be prevented and players shouldn’t be able to place lava or light fires near someone who is in passive mode so that they cannot find ways to still damage the player.

    As for the WorldGuard question, I was hoping there would be some way to make the WorldGuard PVP rule have a higher priority than passive mode, so that pvp is enforced in certain regions, but if it’s possible for me to just disable the command in certain regions that’s fine too.

    Thanks for your help, I’ll be happy to answer any more questions you have.
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    Thanks, 1 more question. You said that the commands should be /passivemode (on/off) I could do that but wouldn’t it work better if you just did /passivemode and it toggled so if you were passive you would get out of it the opposite.
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    My apologies, that’s what I meant, it’s my first time writing these posts, I should have made it clearer. Using /passivemode as a toggle would be perfect thank you
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    No worries, it's also like my 3rd time making one of these

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