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    Passive PvP

    This plugin will be similar to the idea of GTA V Online with passive mode, that you can turn on passive mode and no one can kill you, I need this similar control with cool downs and being able to charge people for use (Configurable = On Or Off)
    /Passive On/Off - Turns mode on or off - Perm = Passive.use
    I know there may be a plugin that's old like this, but I need a new updated version, I really have searched. If there's something like this already that's updated, please let me know! Thanks.
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    Seems do-able. Just setup a playerDamageEvent, then if they are on an arraylist then cancel the damage. Once I get my plugins sorted out I'll make it for you (for some reason my commands aren't being coded right anymore, or something).
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    Mathias Eklund

    How do you manage that?
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    Hutchmaster99 Ok cool, add me on skype elite.avenger, and when you can start message me :) thanks!
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    Don't plugins like pvp toggle do this?
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