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    Plugin category: I have no idea, probably in administration?

    Suggested name: Rank region

    What I want: I am running a jail server, and I would like there to be areas where people can jailbreak. It would be nice that if they passed-through like a World-Guard region, or just a region you set, they become a certain rank, so that if they escaped they'd become a fugitive.

    Ideas for commands:
    /rankregiondefine <hpos1|hpos2|pos1|pos2> is what you would use to make the region

    /rankregion <name of region> <rank> would make it so that when someone enters the region defined, then they are the rank defined

    /rankregionwhile <name of region> <rank> would make it so you only have that rank while you are in the area.

    /rankregiontemp <name of region> <rank> <time> would make it so you only have the rank for a certain amount of time

    /rankregionleave <name of region> <rank> would make it so you get the rank after you leave the region

    /rankregionwipe <name of region> would wipe all ranks associated with that region

    /rankregiondelete <name of region> would delete that region

    Ideas for permissions:
    rankregion.define allows holder to define regions
    rankregion.nochange makes it so holder's rank can't be changed by these regions
    rankregion.wipe allows holder to wipe regions
    rankregion.delete allows holder to delete regions

    When I'd like it by: August 25th
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    I know for a fact that WorldGuard can't do this.... It can only deny or allow entry and exit in a region.
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    Isn't that what Killion Detention Center uses to stop player from other jails to get inside other jails?
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    Yes, that's what my prison server does as well.

    Here's how I do it:

    /region flag <region name> entry deny

    /region addmember <region name> g:<group name>

    Note that my regions are only like 10x5 since I have individual regions set for each area. So C's can't get into B block, and B block can't get into A block.
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    This can be accomplished with VariableTriggers.
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    thank you everyone, i have got this thing figured out, my prison server's release party is coming soon, Tomorrow, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time

    The address is: it is not done, but that is when it opens. We will be working on it while players play!
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    So what does this do, Because i tried it and it doesn't work.
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    It stops certain groups from entering regions. You can deny/allow entry to certain regions if the user is part of a certain group.
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    Tried that, I need help.
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    Did you give your groups group.groupname? I think you need that... i.e. Members would need group.member
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    No, So i have to give them group.mvp? and stuff?
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    Yeah, I believe so -- I think that's what fixed the issue for me, but they may have updated it more recently to just use Vault. /me shrugs
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    I give them the permission node group.mvp?
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    k Thanks.
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    Probably my plugin TaxFreeRegion ( can help you. It supports WorldGuard regions and you can define commands that are executed and permissions that are added/removed from a player when he enters or leaves this region. (and you can do some other nice things with the inventory, health, hunger and xp too...)
    The commands executed when entering the region can be delayed by X seconds.

    Create a WorldGuard region and allow only people with the permissions "group.asdf" to leave.
    Use TaxFreeRegion to execute a delayed command for example after 300seconds (5min) which adds this permission to your user "/perm player sertperm %name% group.asdf" (PermissionBukkit command).
    You can remove this permissions when the player leaves the region.

    (if you do not need to delay the command you can use the permissions feature of TaxFreeRegion directly)

    (I think I misunderstood your request)

    Simply execute a command when a player leaves the region that declaes him a fugitive. (Set a permission, add him to a special group, broadcast a message,...)

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