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    1- Sorry, i'm speak not good english :x
    2- I'll help you so Google Translation
    So the purpose of this conversation is to ask your help to create a Bukkit plugin 1.7.2 (Java 7) which would ensure that when we have a golden ax in hand and that we would pick a block and with us to do a command like //setparticles [Particles_Name] that place in the selection of the particles. For in fact I was using NPC enderpearl ender to give the impression of particles but the problem is that because my server was unstable, we have put ClearLag and have removed all enderpearls So far, more particles ... I search on google but I have found no satisfactory plugins ... Thanks to volunteers who offer their help :D !
    Thank for your look.
    Sincerely, GillesClaes1104.
    (Plugin name: "ParticlesEdit" if possible).
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    To clarify, you want:

    A plugin that allows you to select a two points with a golden axe, then do //setparticles which would cause particles to appear, right?

    Also, would the particles always be there (continually generate, might cause lots of lag) or just a single appearance?
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