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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by BizeaxPvP, Jul 7, 2017.

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    Plugin Category: Paper/commands

    Minecraft Version: Spigot 1.8 and above

    Suggested name: PaperCommands

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where when you hold a paper and type /papercmd set (command) and whenever you click the paper, It will say in chat:
    &eYour about to exchange this &b(name of the paper)&e.
    &ePlease &bclick here &eto confirm your exchange.
    &eIf you did this by accident, ignore this message.&r

    And when you click "Click here" the command applies,
    Also, I would like that text to be editable in the config, please.

    Ideas for commands: /papercmd set (command)
    I may sometimes think of other commands but atm this is all

    Ideas for permissions: papercmd.admin (for /papercmd set)

    When I'd like it by Anytime really, take your time :D
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    @BizeaxPvP Who will be running the command in the arguments? Will it be making the player do the command or will it be the console doing the command on the player?
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    Sometimes, both.
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    @BizeaxPvP okay going to do it like this then:

    /papercmd set <player/console> <command>


    /papercmd set player gamemode c - will make the PLAYER run the command /gamemode c
    /papercmd set console gamemode c {PLAYER} -Will make the console execute the command /game c <whichever player clicked the paper>

    is that okay or do you have any other ideas on how it would work?
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    Yeah, thats good enough.
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    @BizeaxPvP Is the paperCMD a one time use? meaning once they have right clicked the paper, it will be removed from the the users inventory?
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    @BizeaxPvP Okay, have completed most of it just need to add a few more things but don't have time now so will complete later.
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    That is totally fine with me :)
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    @BizeaxPvP Okay have completed the main part of the plugin. Haven't added any config yet to change messages just because i can do that once i know everything is how it should be so would you be able to test it for me and make sure everything is functioning how it should be and it includes everything you want (excluding the config messages obviously).


    /pcmd set <player/console> <command> - papercmd.admin - This is used to add a command to paper.
    /pcmd confirm - this is not used directly. This is the command that will run once they 'click here' to confirm.

    Example Usage:

    /pcmd set player gmc - This will make the player run the command /gmc once they have clicked the paper and confirmed the exchange.

    /pcmd set console gamemode c {PLAYER} - This will make the console execute the command /gamemode c (replacing {PLAYER} with the name of the player who right clicked the paper).

    If you need any help on using it let me know.

    Any features you want added tell me and once you have told me that everything is working correctly i will add the ability to edit all the messages via a config.

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    Sorry, I did not have time to reply, so I want to use this to add points in my account so can
    /pcmd set player points add {player} 5 work or not?
    EDIT: nevermind, everything worked out fine, Thanks!
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    @BizeaxPvP I assume that would work if you set it to execute from the console.

    /pcmd set console points add {PLAYER} 5

    {PLAYER} needs to be in all caps for it to work.

    Any other issues or features you want added? if not i have the version with the editable messages ready for you.
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    Yeah everything is good.
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    @BizeaxPvP Will try and fix that tomorrow, don't have much time at the moment.

    EDIT: It's not in the shape i want it to be but i have fixed the issue.

    I have done it so you can only confirm one papercommand at once meaning if you have 10 pieces of paper, you will have to click one, confirm, then click the next one etc..

    I may change this so you can click them all at once then, confirm them all after to make it easier but do not have time to do that at the moment as this was just a quick fix i put together.


    Also delete your config as there is a new configurable message in there that will need to be loaded for the plugin to function.

    Any issues let me know.
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