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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: ExtremePaintball

    What I want: A plugin, where you use snowballs as paintballs, and hit people with them to get them out. I know that there are a few of these plugins out there, however, two of them you need an extra plugin for them to work, and the others don't have what I want, and they don't know when or if they are going to add my ideas on.

    First off, you can set up as many arenas as you want. People can vote for which arena they want with /vote {number}. The majority of votes win. After you get a triple kill, maybe people can get a power-up, or you can configure it so that only donators can get the power-ups. After every game, the winning team gets a certain amount of points. If you are the last player on your team, and you kill off everyone else, you get bonus points, and your team gets more then the usual amount of points. Points can be used for ranking up. To get let's say, general, you need 5,000 points. The ranks each give you a piece of armor. The armor allows you to take more hits, making it so that you don't die as easily.

    With the points, you could also trade them in for power-ups in the shop. You could also trade them in for more paintballs, etc. However, if you have 5010 points and are general, but you go and trade points in for let's say, 50 snowballs, which is 500 points. You would get downgraded to the lower rank, and loose your spot as general. However, most importantly, I would like it so that the teams will even out, so that if there's 10 people on the blue team, there's not only 2 on the red team, it would even out to 6 vs 6.

    Ideas for commands: /red (to go on red team), /blue (to go on blue team), /random (to go on a random team), /score (to see your rank, points, kills, and deaths), /set arena <number> (to set the arena), /set arena <number> blue (to set the blue spawn point), /set arena <number> red (to set the red spawn point), /shop (to see what items are available in the shop, and for how many points), /vote <number> (to vote on which arena to use next>

    Ideas for permissions: extremepaintball.general extremepaintball.donator extremepaintball.admin

    When I'd like it by: As soon as someone can finish making it. :D
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