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    Plugin category: MiniGame

    Suggested name: CrazyPaint

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin like the paintball on the MinePlex Server. I want there to be a gun. The gun will be a hoe or horse armor. I want the gun and any other items customizable. If your out you die you will become a zombie in black armor. There are two teams red and blue. You get assigned a team. It will say in chat what team you are. There are two teams: Red and Blue. No healing stuff. NO! LOL. I also want to be able to spectate. Also I want server lobby signs. EDIT: When you shoot your gun the blocks changes to the color of your team!

    Ideas for commands: /create <ARENA NAME> - Creates the arena
    /join <ARENA NAME> - Joins the arena
    /gun (Makes item in hand the gun.)
    /start <ARENA NAME> -Starts arena match
    /setlobbysign <ARENA NAME> - Sets the sign you are looking at to be the lobby join sign (right click) if there is no sign say No Sign!

    Ideas for permissions: crazypaint.join

    When I'd like it by: When ever can be done! :)

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    You can look at http;/ with the sentence "Paintball". You will get plenty of plugins. So why a custom plugin?
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    I do agree with your point serialalizator but their may not be a plugin that changes them to "zombies in black armor" anyway anthonybob why do they need to be in black armor?
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    Then why doesn't he just request those features...
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    If a developer wants to see this in action please visit Mineplex, it's identical.
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    You could ask a developer from a Paintball minigame if he wants to implement it and maybe he will make it configurable becouse other people maby doesn't want the feature.

    (Sorry for all of my crappy English, 10:35pm here and i life in The Netherlands.)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    10:35 AM ( pm is after 12:00 )

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