~PAID~ WorldEdit Lite - A WorldEdit plugin that won't allow build on WorldGuard regions

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Rabus, Jan 7, 2012.

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    As stated in the topic - I can pay for it like 25$.

    Can be plugin that will work next to WorldGuard or a completly new plugin.
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    Would a separate plugin work? I think I can do checks to see if pos1 or pos2 are inside of a region and cancel it if they are.
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    Yeah, that would do the trick.

    When u'll have time to do it? :)
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    Wait, so you want a region that people aren't able to build in? If you simply want to protect a region, just addowner a player to the region, and everyone else is denied. That's what I'm assuming you're needing to do at least, right?
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    Or I am pretty sure you can edit permissions for this, but that would remove the command from the person.
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    I want to give people WorldEdit - and it overrides WorldGuard, so they can use it on cuboids. That's the problem ;)

    Oh well, what if a player pick up two pos, and the cuboid will be inside it?

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