[Paid] Resurrect "TNT Cannon" Source included

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Zombiemold, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Hey there.

    I am looking to have an inactive plugin, resurrected, with slightly tweaked functionality.

    The plugin in question is TNT Cannon, found here (Includes Video):


    The Developer got sick, and gave up on the project, leaving the source for anyone to pick up. It was later taken over by someone else, but apparently there was some confusion around him taking it over here (Includes Video):


    What I would like is to have it updated for 1.0, with a few small changes:

    1) To ignite the cannon, all you would have to do is press the button.

    2) TNT that is fired, and Gunpowder that is consumed should be placed inside the dispenser (Not used in your hand)

    3) I would love to see a fake explosion made when the cannon is fired :D

    Add me on skype if you are interested with the user: Zombiemold

    I am willing to pay, but I would love to discuss it more.
  2. The second link shows that it was last updated for CB 1337, so first ask yourself: "Do I really need this or is the old one still good enough?", then:

    1) So no need for the lever and/or the sideblocks at all?

    2) So you could load the dispenser with a lot of munition, right?

    4) I didn't watch very close at the videos. Can you actually control where the TNT flies to or is it just straight on?

    5) Do you want this exclusively developed for you or could the developer release it to the public?

    I think I know how I would do it (without looking at the old sources... ;)) and maybe I have some ideas like replacing the button with a redstone input, so you can have rapid fire with the help of a redstone clock... :D
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    The one that was developed for 1337, was banned (No longer available) because the author refused to give credit to the original author (This is what I understand from the situation) The author left the plugin open sourced.

    1) Yeah the sideblocks are fine, I was refering to the way you click it with TNT, to ignite it.

    2) Yeah, it would be awesome to keep it loaded, and just FIRE! :D

    4) It goes straight on, you can only choose North, East, South, West

    5) This wouldn't be exclusively developed, it would be awesome for everyone to use.

    Additionally, I am already talking with someone who wants to to do it, he said he would update me tomorrow on his progress, however, if the project looks awesome to you, it would of course be no problem if you wanted to try it yourself, it's a great plugin.
  4. I think I would change to much (why the hell do you need the sideblocks? What if the cannon can shoot the farer the longer the cannon tube is? What, why, ... :confused:), so give the other dev a chance first... ;)
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    this is Butler8302 from skype, it seems that Skype has a problem and always crashes when i click chat
    anyway if u need anything else this is my bukkit account.
    and u can also see where am i now with this plugin in here
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    Awesome, I'll keep in touch. :) Skype can be a bitch, this might work just fine.
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    yo, i've been rethinking this plugin again. and i think i will recode mine again. i'm thinking i should add the radius now and also the redstones stuffs(still figuring out how redstones will work in FTC)
    here are some cannon designs that i have...if you have other design ideas post a screenshot of the design and i will look into it.

    2011-12-31_22.38.28.png 2011-12-31_22.39.57.png 2011-12-31_22.40.25.png 2011-12-31_22.40.41.png 2011-12-31_22.46.17.png
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    lol, it looks amazing. My concern is how will the cannon store the TNT? I think I know why it was coded the way it was before. That switch, triggers the dispenser naturally, meaning it will shoot the contents of it out behind you.. That makes me sad. Is there a way around it? Would a chest work better?
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    there will be nothing inside of dispenser, the tnt will be saved in the virtual memory
    hmmm, now that i think of it, the charges will not be saved if the server crashes or restarted, gotta make a database maybe to save how many charges it still has.
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    oh, very smart idea! That would work haha
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    im having problem, i dont know how would i go with cannons with different heights
    maybe just the traditional cannons like the 2nd and 3rd pic in my post? no heights or whatsover
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    Those are totally optional any how, don't stress with them if they are giving you problems :p
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