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    Hi. I realized, that a lot of people have issues figuring out the constructors of the packets, or most of the people use fields, to set these variables, instead of doing it in 1 line. This is not a straight copy from the protocol reference, some things are different than what it is in bukkit or spigot.

    Note: x, y and z coordinates can be changed to blockPositions in spigot 1.8, be careful

    packets (open)

    PacketPlayOutAbilities - PlayerAbilities playerAbilities
    Note: PlayerAbilities is a nms class, wich contains the main server information about a the player (canFly, isOp, etc.)​
    PacketPlayOutBed - EntityHuman player, int x, int y, int z
    PacketPlayOutBlockAction - BlockPosition position, byte byte1, byte byte2
    Note: Used for note blocks, pistons and chests
    byte1 and byte2 do different things between different blocks, more here
    PacketPlayOutBlockBreakAnimation - int entityId, int x, int y, int, z, int breakStage
    breakStage can be 1-7 and -1, -1 is the original, 1 is the first animation phase, 7 is the last one​
    PacketPlayOutBlockChange - World (nms version) world, int x, y, z
    Note: x, y and z changed to BlockPosition in spigot 1.8​
    PacketPlayOutChat - IChatBaseComponent message, byte type
    Note: type can be 0, 1 and 2, 2 is only supported inspigot 1.8 and up
    0 - chat; 1 - system message; 2 - actionbar​
    PacketPlayOutCloseWindow - int windowId
    Note: This represents, when a window is forced to get closed (e.g. destroying a sign)​
    PacketPlayOutCollect - int entityId, int itemEntityID
    Note: This doesn't include setting the item in the inventory, nor removing the item​
    PacketPlayOutAttachEntity - int leash, Entity atachedEntity, Entity vehicle
    Note: leash can be either 0 or 1. 0 is not leashed attach (horses, riding pigs), 1 is for leashed attach (you caught a zombie with a leash(good for you))​
    PacketPlayOutEntity - int entityId
    PacketPlayOutEntityDestroy - int[] entityIds
    PacketPlayOutEntityEffect - int entityId, MobEffect mobEffect
    PacketPlayOutEntityEquipment - int entityId, int slot, ItemStack itemStack
    PacketPlayOutEntityHeadRotation - int entityId, byte deltaAngle
    PacketPlayOutEntityLook - int entityId, byte newAngle
    Note: The different between this and headRotation, is that this sets the mobs head to the set value, but the headRotation adds the rotation to the current one​
    PacketPlayOutEntityStatus - int entityId, byte status
    Note: Status can differ from 1 to 23, can be different between mobs. More here
    PacketPlayOutEntityTeleport - int entityId, int x, int y, int z, byte yaw, byte pitch, boolean onGround
    PacketPlayOutEntityVelocity - int entityId, int x, int y, int z
    PacketPlayOutSpawnEntityExperienceOrb - World (nms version) world, int x, int y, int z, int amount
    Note: amount sets the amount, of what the experience orb holds. It doesn't spawn more than one.​
    PacketPlayOutSpawnEntityLiving - int entityId
    Note: The entity only shows up for the player, who received the packet.​
    PacketPlayOutSpawnEntityPainting - EntityPainting entityPainting
    PacketPlayOutSpawnEntityWeather - Entity entity
    Note: As far as I know, this only usable for lightning. There is no other entity spawning in different weather cases.​

    - Entity entity, int animationType
    Note: animationType can differ between 0 and 5. More here
    PacketPlayOutExperience - float percent, int level, int totalExperience
    Note: percent is a float between 0 and 1, 0 is empty, 1 is full, 0.5 is half-full, etc.​
    PacketPlayOutExplosion - double x, double y, double z, float radius, List<byte>, float dX, float dY, float dZ
    Note: the List<byte> contains the records (aka. affected blocks), it must be divisible by three, it contains x, y and z coordinates
    the List<byte> changed to List<BlockPositions> in spigot 1.8
    radius is currently unused by the client​
    PacketPlayOutGameStateChange - int reason, float value
    Note: reason can differ between 0 and 10. More here
    value depends on reason​
    PacketPlayOutHeldItemSlot - int slot
    PacketPlayOutKickDisconnect - IChatBaseComponent message
    Note: Doesn't kick out anybody, only displays the "player has been kicked" message in the chat​
    PacketPlayOutMap - int id, byte scale, Collection<MapIcon> icons,
    PacketPlayOutNamedSoundEffect -String soundName, double x, double y, double z, float volume, float pitch
    Note: all sound names can be found here
    1 is the 100% volume, but can be more than that
    63 is the 100% pitch, and again, can be higher​
    PacketPlayOutOpenSignEditor - double x, double y, double z
    Note: x, y and z variables are changed to BlockPosition in Spigot 1.8​
    PacketPlayOutOpenWindow - int windowId, int windowType, String title, int slotCount, boolean flag, (int entityId)
    Note: entityId is optional, e.g. horseInventory
    The constructor changed in spigot 1.8 to
    int windowId, String type, IChatBaseComponent title​
    PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo - EnumPlayerInfoAction action, EntityPlayer... players
    Note: action can be:
    PacketPlayOutPosition - double x, double y, double z, float yaw, float pitch, boolean onGround
    Note: yaw and pitch are in degrees in counter-clockwise order
    The constructor changed in spigot 1.8 to
    double x, double y, double z, float yaw, float pitch, Set<EnumPlayerTeleportFlag> flags
    flags can contain the followings:
    it contains, wich movement type/direction did the player.​
    PacketPlayOutRespawn - int Dimension, EnumDifficulty difficulty, WordType worldType, EnumGamemode gamemode
    Note: Dimension can be -1 (Nether), 0 (Overworld) and 1 (End)
    gamemode can be
    SPECTATOR(3) (only available in Spigot 1.8)​
    difficulty can be
    PacketPlayOutScoreboardDisplayObjective - int place, ScoreboardObjective objective
    Note: place can be 0 (list), 1 (sidebar), 2 (below name)​
    PacketPlayOutScoreboardObjective - ScoreboardObjective objective, int value
    PacketPlayOutScoreboardScore - ScoreboardScore score, int value
    Note: You don't need the value in Spigot 1.8
    ScoreboardScore can be changed to String scoreName
    Then you need the value in Spigot too. Keep in mind​
    PacketPlayOutScoreboardTeam - ScoreboardTeam team, int playerCount
    Note: You can send the player's names in a Collection<String> playernames, then the constructor is
    ScoreboardTeam team, Collection<String> playerNames, int playerCount​
    PacketPlayOutSetSlot - int windowId, int slot, ItemStack item
    PacketPlayOutSpawnPosition - int x, int y, int z
    Note: x, y and z changed to BlockPosition in Spigot 1.8​
    PacketPlayOutStatistic - Map (collection) statistics
    Note: the constructor changed in Spigot 1.8 to
    Map<Statistic, Integer> statistics​
    the map contains the name of the statistic with the corresponding value with it (String. Integer), you can find all of the statistic names here
    PacketPlayOutTabComplete - String[] values
    Note: values contains the possible outcomes of the tab completion, the last packet overrides the one before​
    PacketPlayOutTitle - EnumTitleAction action, IChatBaseComponent message
    Note: action can be
    This is only available in Spigot 1.8 or up​
    PacketPlayOutTransaction - int windowId, short actionNumber, boolean isAccepted
    PacketPlayOutUpdateAttributes - int entityId, Collection attributes
    Note: Spigot requires a Collection<AttributeInstance> instead of normal Collection​
    PacketPlayOutUpdateHealth - float health, int foodlevel, float saturation
    Note: health can vary from 0 to 20
    foodlevel can vary from 0 to 20
    saturation can vary between 0 and 5​
    PacketPlayOutUpdateSign - int x, int y, int z, String[] text
    Note: in Spigot 1.8, the constructor changed to
    World world, BlockPosition position, IChatBaseComponent[] text​
    PacketPlayOutUpdateTime - long worldAge, long timeOfDay, boolean flag
    Note: worldAge cannot be changed via commands
    if timeOfDay is -1, then the sun will sto at it's current position​
    PacketPlayOutWindowData - int windowId, int property, int value
    Note: property and value can vary between different window types. More here.​
    PacketPlayOutWindowItems - int windowId, List items
    Note: in Spigot, the items list need to be like List<ItemStack> items​
    PakcetPlayOutWolrdBorder - WorldBorder border, EnumWorldBorderAction action
    Note: This is only available in Spigot 1.8 and up
    action can be
    PacketPlayOutWorldParticles - String name, boolean visiblity, float x, float y, float z, float offsetX, float offsetY, float offsetZ, float data, int count, int.. data
    Note: name changed to EnumParticle in Spigot 1.8
    if visiblity is true, the particle distance changes to 65535 (16 bit variable max value)
    the offsets are the maximum value the particles can differ from the set position
    data can mean the particles color, or e.g. the block break particles' state
    count is how much particle will be played, every off them gets a different offset​

    I know what you're thinking. Yes, I had a lot of free time.

    Post any suggestions below.
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    Oh.. my..
    Thank you!
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    Bitte sehr (I really hope timtower don't find this one)
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    And for further info: wiki.vg (Und was should tim not find?)
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    Mrs. bwfctower

    PacketPlayIn constructors.


    Nice list, may use it in the future.
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    I first wanted to add them, but then realized, that you don't have any method of sending those pacjets
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    Mrs. bwfctower

    Yeah realized that after posting. Changed to say jk and added something to make it not all a joke.
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    Maybe if you're a modder, but it certainly doesn't work on bukkit.
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    Mrs. bwfctower

    Yeah. You can certainly utilize the classes to listen in on incoming packets, but you have no reason to construct them. Maybe there's some really specific case where you'd want to make incoming packets, but honestly I can't imagine when that would be necessary.
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    @Mrs. bwfctower I know at least one reason: Forcing a player out of the respawn screen. (The client command packet).
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    How do you send it to the server?
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    @mcdorli The playerConnection is a packet listener (afaik).
    And all packet-received methods are currently named "a".
    So PlayerConnection#a(Inpacket) (like this)
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    @mcdorli That is usefull but unfortunately due to the unstable "nature" of the contents of the NMS package, they tend to change throughout different versions... If you check the constructors of 1.7.X and 1.8.X for the same packets, they are different, For example:

    PacketPlayOutBed in 1.7.R2 has this constructor:
    public PacketPlayOutBed(EntityHuman paramEntityHuman, int paramInt1, int paramInt2, int paramInt3)
    and the same packet in 1.8.R3 has this constructor:
    public PacketPlayOutBed(EntityHuman ☃, BlockPosition ☃)
    (and the default constructor \wo parameters)

    So if you used reflection to make it version independed and it is using either constructor, it wont work cross versions.

    Variables on the other hand seem to be a litle less likely to change form what i have noticed but still it is the same concept there as well.

    What i like to do in such cases, is to perform a search for the field i want to manipulate that looks it up depending on it's type.
    So if a class contains an int i want to change, i will loop through all declared fields of this class and look for the filed of type int. Once found i can change it.
    The down side of that method is that some times new fields are added and some are removed. in such cases i include a bit of safety in the algorythm so if two int's exist in the class it wont work.

    The above method can also work with methods (thus constructors as well) :)

    Anyway this thread is indeed helpfull! :D There is no clear documentation for packets :/
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    If you look closely, I mentioned many times, that x,y and z integer positions mostly changed to blockPositions in spigot 1.8.
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    Well i am generalising it a bit to other fields/methods as well and recomend a possible way of bypassing it if needed ;)
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  18. why are you bumping this .-.
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    Nice Post! I could have really used this when I was trying to figure out colored particles.
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    Sticky fingers, eh? :) And you might want to refer to wiki.vg for the windowIDs. (as they can be quite confusing :))​
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    Nope, bad keyboard.
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    Small typo on PacketPlayOutRespawn. WordType should be WorldType.

    Otherwise, a fantastic and helpful list.
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