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  1. So recently I've been working on a gamemode called Overrun, similar to DayZ.

    If you'd like to try playing the Alpha you can join here: latest version of Minecraft required.

    This gamemode is in really early Alpha, and does require a few players to come have a go and give me some feedback prior to releasing it.

    This gamemode has been made by me, no external plugins where used in making this gamemode apart from NCP.

    So far what I've done is changed the Zombie AI to be more aggressive, and implemented sound and movement detection, and made it so Zombies are attracted to light.

    I've also made it so Zombies can slow climb blocks two in height, and swim slightly faster, they also run quite a bit faster too.

    Also I've made a system for Zombies that implements a horde mentality, so if a zombie is close to another zombie they will slowly become a horde if a player is nearby.

    Zombies that spawn near a play during the night will become a persistent Zombie, meaning that zombie will not despawn until you leave the area for a while or you kill it.

    Breaking and Placing Blocks:
    I've implemented a required tools system where the play has to have a specific tool to perform a task, for instance a play has to have a pickaxe to break any hard bodied material.

    Building bases is recommended for extended gameplay, I have created a block protection specifically for this gamemode, which main feature is if you place a block the 5 x 5 area near you will become protected to you, however you can only apply protection to 5 blocks, so you can only protect a limited area.

    Day and Night:
    The day and night system is practically the same, however during the day Zombies will spawn, but be rare, and they will be really buff. However at night Zombies will spawn in droves but be weaker, and they will spawn in masses.

    Hunting is a mechanic I've really fine tuned, during the day the player will have to hunt for food, animal spawns are changed so they spread out far beyond their normal spawns, they will also not spawn near players so you have to travel to find food.

    When you are playing and you are loosing food a message will be displayed to inform you at different levels of hunger.

    Player v. Player
    The combat mechanics in Overrun are designed to be really intense, at night if you attack a Zombie other Zombies will hear and come to investigate, making PvP at night very difficult, however during the day PvP may be a needed evil to actually survive and gather supplies.

    The World:
    Currently the world is limited to 6k * 6k radius, so it's pretty big - ores in the world will regenerate over a long period of time, so will trees and other resources, by a long time I mean once a month.

    When a player is to join or leave the server no message will be displayed.

    Player Communication:
    Talking to other players in-character requires you to be within a certain radius of the players, meaning your messages will only be seen by players near you.

    When you die a message will be sent to nearby players saying
    "You hear a scream in the distance"

    However if you want to talk to the entire server the /global <message> command is available to use.

    Respawning is the same as normal Minecraft, however each time you do spawn in after death the spawn will be completely random across the world, there are no fix spawns.

    When you do spawn for the second time after reading the tutorials in-game you will spawn with starter gear which consists of leather gear and a wood sword.
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  2. You don't need the 25565 port as that is the default port.
  3. @bwfcwalshy

    Thank you for informing me, I'll make the change.
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