Over-enchanted tools in kits plugin

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    Plugin category:
    Roleplay or Administration?

    Suggested name:

    What I want:
    I'd like the kits to be able to have over enchanted items like up to 127, somehow like Tim the Enchanter plugin is able to enchant tools up that high. If not, up to 10 would be good?
    I'd like to have multiple items per kit, up to at least 15 items.
    I'd like to be able to make and edit kits from in game via command.

    Ideas for commands:
    /oek <kitname> - Gives a specific kit.
    /oek reload - Reloads the plugin.
    /oek add <kitname> - Adds a new kit with kit name specified.
    /oek modify <kitname> <add/remove> <itemID:enchant.enchantlevel>? - Adds or removes items from kits.
    /oek setdelay <kitname> <days:minutes:seconds>- Sets how long a player needs to wait before being able to get the kit again.
    /oek all - Gives items from all kits to the player.
    /oekkits - Shows a list the player has access to.

    Ideas for permissions:
    oek.reload - allows reloading of plugin.
    oek.kit.kits - allows a player to use /oekkits
    oek.kit.<kitname> - access to specific kits using /oek <kitname>
    oek.kit.all - allows a player to use /oek all
    oek.admin - allows adding, setting delays and modifying kits.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible please.

    I assume this is not possible? Or someone is working on it? Or no devs saw it and it got ignored? Eitherway... bump! =D

    I really need this, pretty please!

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  2. Is there a kit plugin that only adds normal enchantments..? If so, it's a one line of code switch to let it add over enchanted tools.
  3. What line?
  4. Instead of itemstack.addEnchantment(...) you'd do itemstack.addUnsafeEnchantment(...)
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  5. This looks easy to make couldn't you just have it loop through all your items and do itemstack.addUnsafeEnchantment(...)
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    So its possible then? Anyone willing to do it? I would do it if I knew how to.... but yea, no java knowledge.
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    So, is anyone going to attempt it?
  8. Tohclan I have a kit/equipment feature coming soon in my quest/dungeon/mission plugin campaign. It allows creation of item kits, and you can control enchantments and colored leather armor among other things. I was going to remove the debug command that just gives you the equipment (instead of normally during the mission). I could just add a permissions node to the command and leave it in, if the whole plugin is not too much overhead for ya.
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    Roadkill909 Hmm we could probably make use of the entire plugin, it looks/sounds really good. But I would prefer something more lightweight as we've already got about 50 or 60 plugins.

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