Out of the loop awhile, setting up Industrial Craft Server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Sieve, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Pretty much, I need some advice with setting up my new server. I did have one running a while back with hMod then migrated to Bukkit, but I shut it down due to lack of interest. Now I want to bring up a free, no whitelist Industrial Craft server, but I need some guidance from people that are currently familiar with Bukkit.

    The server is being run on a windows server 2008 r2 machine, and I need some help/suggestions with these things:
    1. I would like to use the Craftbukkit universal installer to keep Bukkit and the plugins up to date, but my only concern is that if a craftbukkit update breaks plugins, will the updater update anyway, or do I tell it when it's ok to update?
    2. From what I've seen, the original Permissions is dead, does anyone have suggestions for an alternative?
    3. I want to use the Phoneix map gen. tool, but I don't know if it will spawn the ores added with industrial craft. I saw the part about custom items with it, but it seemed very vague...
    4. Anyone have suggestions for an automatic save/backup? On account of Simple save no longer being supported, I need to find a new one.
    5. Lastly, how does the Nether work? I brought down the server before the SMP Nether update, and I don't know how I need to manage that and if plugins and permissions carry over to it.

    Thanks for any help
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    2. PermissionsEx is probably the most comprehensive permissions plugin out, right now.
    However, bPermissions is the simplest and is going to receive a large update soon. Plus, bPermissions manages bukkit's ingrained permission system, dubbed "SuperPerms," so bPermissions might be better in the long run.
    Personally, I'm using PermissionsEx right now, but Ill be switching to bPermissions once it receives its much anticipated 1.2 update. Both permission-managing plugins (PEX and bPermissions) are compatible with all permission plugins, meaning any plugin written for any permission system, whether inactive or active, will most likely me compatible with these two permission-managing plugins.

    4. Minecraft Remote Toolkit. Period. It does everything, plus more! I use it and wouldn't be able to run a 24/7 server without it.

    5. Nether is built in. It acts just like single player nether with the rectangular obsidian portal. No additional plugins needed.
    If you want to add alternate worlds, whether nether, normal, or something made by a generator, you'll need a multi-world plugin to manage the multi-worlds.

    Cheers :)
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    I would not use the updaters.. It is better to download and update plugins manually. You will encounter less problems this way..

    I would also choose permissionsBukkit. Once all other permissions plugins no longer receive support.. This one will still be supported. So it imo is the best choice in the long run.

    As for auto saving.. If you are running Windows Sever 2008.. Your world is constantly being written to disk and does not need to be saved through out the day. As for backups.. I do mine manually, to avoid issues.

    Phoneix terrain mod is a very powerfull tool.. You can do what you need with this.. Might take an hour or so playing with settings tho.

    And the nether will generate if you turn it on in the server.properties.
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