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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by alta189, Jun 30, 2011.

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    I think last 3 steps are completely unnecessary.

    - Click continue
    - Agree to terms - who reads them anyway? Everyone would just click agree
    - Confirm that you have internet - rather first check for the internet and display a warning if there is no internet. Why should i confirm this when application can check this by itself?
    - Confirm that you want to install - you already did that in first step

    AFAIK main goal of this application is simple mod installing, and what is more simple than opening patcher and pressing single button (only first step)?
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    Really you are that lazy?

    I have already had people say that "You broke my Minecraft". The TOS allows me to say that I reminded you to back up and I am not responsible for what happened to your installation

    It does, this is just a way for me to avoid the "It didnt work, you are a horrible programmer, it didnt even start to install" comments.

    Well, they might have not known what BukkitContrib is, which is explained on the Terms of Service

    Program it your self then. Why do you even care. Is it really an issue that I took 10 more seconds out of your time.
  3. then why are you using it. answer that.
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    Added video demo, also I am going to make another app for Windows users coded only for windows as some of you have errors with it, and others dont
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    it is not, it likely is an issue with the way each individual has java setup.
    it wasnt finding my install of java, and as such i couldnt get it to run.
    i could get it to work by running it with a .cmd or .bat written like this
    java -Xms512M -Xmx512M -jar BukkitContrib_Installer.jar
    this wouldnt work for people who havent set the class path for java in environment variables and are running their client with the windows exe instead.

    on another topic, once again the blackscreen is likely and issue with HDtexturefix and there is a confirmation about HD fix being incompatible from afforess.
    theres also a confirmation that installing HD fix over BC is an acceptable temp fix right now.

    now you know why it doesnt work for some other people.
    edit: you probably dont need to code a windows version given the above.
    just note that HD fix has to be added after and distribute it with a .sh and .cmd

    additional information: i use 64x java7
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    Is it incompatible with MCPatcher? Please fix that =(
    Also, how about other mods...
    And also, can we edit the files it install? So, like, everyone in my server has the same mods and stuff... That would be nice...

    (But the ideal would be it creating a separate Minecraft rather than overwriting over the original... But the way the game works doesn't allow that, I guess...)
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    MCPatcher: Thats not me, thats bukkitcontrib, you are on the wrong thread.

    Editing files: No, this is a BukkitContrib installer only.
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    I installed this and when i tried to open my minecraft it just gives me a black screen :C
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    You had mods installed before, you need a clean minecraft.
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    Doesn't work with 1.7.3 :(

    Well, expected anyway.
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    Afforess will have a fix out soon.
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    I was about to say that the update was out, then I remembered how it downloads the files. This is very Clever!
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    Ok, it's really BukkitContribs incompatibility, but you don't have to be rude...
    But why can´t we edit the files? I mean, wouldn't it be simple? Just tell me where to edit in the .jar... So I can make a custom installer...
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    It downloads stuff, I will be releasing the code for the installer monday. And I wasnt being rude, I just was in a hurry
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    @alta189 Just a question, if you run this, and you already have clientside mods installed, does this erase them? And I'm excited about the src coming :)
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    Nope, the only thing it erases is META-INF. But some client mods have to be installed after BukkitContrib, or are not compatible, you should ask Afforess.
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    can this support the Chat Plugins like iChat? cause when I type and enter.. and tried to look up it(pressing up).. it won't show up..
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    This is an installer, check out the BukkitContrib thread for questions on that kind of thing.
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    Tis mod works for me only if i install the mod loader and i need to do that all the time, every day
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    When I ran it, I realised it was possible to continue right past the installing phase, and it wouldnt install correctly if this happened. Just a mention that you might want to disabled the continue button until an error or complete message comes up.

    Other than this, love it :)
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    No it does not, I think it is incompatible with Mod Loader, also you should be posting on the BukkitContrib thread and not this thread.
    Wait what?
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    Getting this:
    [INFO] Current OS: Mac
    [INFO] Minecraft Installation: /Users/Erik/Library/Application Support/minecraft
    [INFO] Minecraft Jar: /Users/Erik/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
    [INFO] Created Temporary Minecraf Unpack Folder
    [INFO] Unpacking the minecraft.jar
    [INFO] Found a directory while iterating over jar.
    [SEVERE] Problems unpacking minecraft.jar.
    when trying it on Mac!
    I tried to install bukkitcontrib manually but it removes too many items, guiap10, zanminimap.
    i'm never gonna have bukkitcontrib it turns my minecraft to black screen when starting and logging in
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    too many items and guiap10 are incompatible.
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    alta if guiap10 is incompatible with contirb then the minimap is beeing it too
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    me to
    [INFO] Current OS: Windows
    [INFO] Minecraft Installation: C:\Users\loominator199\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    [INFO] Minecraft Jar: C:\Users\loominator199\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar
    [INFO] Created BukkitContrib Installer Folder
    [INFO] Created Temporary Minecraf Unpack Folder
    [INFO] Unpacking the minecraft.jar
    [SEVERE] Problems unpacking minecraft.jar.
    [SEVERE] Couldn't create directory for a.class
    [SEVERE] Couldn't create directory for a.class
    [SEVERE] java.io.IOException: Couldn't create directory for a.class
    LOOL it works :DDDD F*** Windows

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    What Im interested in is what will happen when there's already a client mod.. Hmm..
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    Zombe's mod pack is incompatible as well
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    Nothing out of the ordinary
  29. Doesn't Work.:mad:
    [INFO] Created Temporary Minecraf Unpack Folder
    [INFO] Unpacking the minecraft.jar
    [INFO] Found a directory while iterating over jar.
    [SEVERE] Problems unpacking minecraft.jar.
    [SEVERE] BukkitContrib_Installer_Files\MineCraft_Unpack\l_c (Access is denied)
    [SEVERE] BukkitContrib_Installer_Files\MineCraft_Unpack\l_c (Access is denied)
    [SEVERE] java.io.FileNotFoundException: BukkitContrib_Installer_Files\MineCraft_Unpack\l_c (Access is denied)
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    Move it from your downloads folder
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