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    Go through my chunks
    Put ores in them

    Catch: Don't regenerate the entire chunk
    Selectively take stone blocks and replace them with ore blocks
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    You would need to regenerate the whole world with a custom world creating plugin or else this wouldn't be possible.
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    Yes you could, but it would be EXTREMELY server taxing. It would literally have to go through every stone block and do a random check on each one for spawning an ore which would almost instantly crash the server. Unless someone else can think of another way
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    BukkitRunnable with a max amount of blocks to check.each time
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    Would only need something like this to go over once. Just to add ores from a forge mod to a vanilla world. Taxing is fine. Not sure this would be a plugin to run while players were online (unless you did it very slowly).
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    Locked. Unofficial builds are not supported here.
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