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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by zombierevolver, Oct 17, 2015.

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    I suggest an option to disable ads on this site as they are intrusive. Just like spigot forum or add a donation option.
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    @zombierevolver Donations keep the site going, hosting/Xenforo isn't free ;) Get AdBlockPlus if it bothers you that much.
  3. :eek: How dare you sir!

    @zombierevolver You can get Curse premium, show support and get no ads.
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    i aint getting no stupid curse premium. I am going to spigot instead.
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    @zombierevolver, really? The community here is much better. Personally, I am guilty of blocking ads on this site, but only the top banner one. I set an exemption to the bottom one.

    You're going to quickly find that the people here are far friendlier and more dedicated. (The people at spigot can be really mean sometimes. I left for a week just to try it out and was horrified about the indignity of their users and even worse, their mods)
    Once you publish a plugin or 2 the ads dissapear entirely.
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    @Tecno_Wizard Ahh, I like that you only disabled the top one. I think I'll do that too ;) I've posted two plugins but the ads are still here!
  7. I'm curse premium, yet I still get ads on this site. Weird
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    Wait, I think I'm Curse Premium too, I think that's what I get an email about every month from Curse :p
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    @MrBlackIsBack, I also have a few privacy engines on. Let me check to see if they are interfering.

    EDIT: odd. I turned off every extension I have and I still have no ads at all.
  10. The only reason I've blocked ads in the first place was because I use to get this annoying auto-playing video ad that showed movie trailers. Every time I wasn't paying attention, it would scare the living life out of me haha
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    @MrBlackIsBack, and that's why I block flash among other reasons. Just kill it already Adobe.
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    Curse freemium all the way!
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    Really bish.... Community here is AMAAAAAZING Just get AdBlocker.
    For chrome click MEEEEEE
    For firefox click MEEEEEE

    If you're using internet explorer then just get oooooooout.
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    He hasn't signed in since a half hour after his last post. He's gone. This is really just getting off topic anyway. Requested lock.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Locked as this got out of hand, at least: enough to get locked.
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