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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by seriosbrad, Jan 29, 2012.

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    I have a 4GB VPS plan from PhotonVPS and I am looking for some help with optimizing the server. Everything is stable and I haven't had any crashes or hangs for a while but there is a bit of lag when I reach about 10 players. Mostly chat lag, warping/tping, and block reappearing.

    Here are my startup flags "-Xincgc -Xmx2G -jar -server craftbukkit.jar"

    I limit it to give myself some extra ram for web server stuff. I use the server to also host our forums with apache, mysql, php etc.

    Using those settings, as of this post the server is using 3.3GB ram and two players online.

    Here are my plugins:
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    iConomy (using mysql)
    LogBlock (using mysql)
    LWC (using mysql)
    MyHome (using mysql)
    Warrant (using mysql)
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    HomeSpawnPlus and MyHome do the same job, HomeSpawnPlus has a few features like spawn control as well. Kinda confused you have them both working since they share a few the same commands.
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    I use HomeSpawnPlus for the group /spawn control (for making a guest spawn), it has options to give MyHome priority over the /home command :p

    I would love to have a single plugin that covered all my needs in the spawn and home department but there doesn't appear to be anything like that around here. And I find MyHome has much better control and permissions for the home commands.
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    I love MyHome over the rest the only reason I looked at HomeSpawnPlus was due to MyHome not working on 1.1, but you may want to look I'm pretty sure you can do fully the same setup as MyHome just a bit more setup/config needed I'm not 100% since I never used HomeSpawnPlus for a short time testing. Are you running MyHome on 1.1 if so how did you get it working won't load up for me maybe I will give it another go since it's the last plugin I need to replace after updating as of now we have no homes major pain.

    Something I got today was Multiverse after checking your plugin list I used WorldWarp before but it's a bit dated now so I figured worth a shot and I found you can unload worlds and not keep them in memory all the time, so if you have many or well more then one world I would unload one's not used offten. I unload out memory "THEEND" worlds since people won't be there that offten. If your players don't visit your nether world or worlds a lot you can also unload them out memory will take teleports a tad longer but if there not being used why keep them loaded. Should help cut back a lot on memory used, for us it cut a few hundred MB off total used ram. Let me know how that works out if you do that. To change a world to not stay loaded in memory change 'keepspawninmemory: true' to false in the worlds.yml file. I would keep any main or mostly used worlds loaded up into memory for faster access to players.

    Side Note: I was looking around your site the server map page gives off a error.
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    Thanks for the Multi-Verse tip, I'll check out the keeping worlds in memory thing, sounds promising.

    I didn't do anything special to make MyHome work, it just did lol. You may want to check out the fork called uHome, it's a bit more up to date than MyHome and also supports multiple homes :p
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    I just need plugin to do homes for each world, so one player can get one home per world and also support mysql since I like to add a small web feature where players could reset there home to one the spawn points or pub/bars/public space just a tiny extra to offer players. Thank you for the tips will look into giving MyHome another shot or I will try that updated fork. Let me know how the world unloading from memory works out for you, we cut back about 400Mb and that's just unloading 2 "THEEND" worlds we never use as on death players are sent to there last bed/home for the world they died in and if none they go to main world spawn.

    EDIT: uHome seems to work just the way we had before and with one tiny bug but it works flawless for our needs, thanx!
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