Optimize my i7-2600 server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kazeen, Oct 18, 2011.

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    Got a I7-2600
    16gb DDR3 RAM
    2 x 3 tb hdd
    Running debian linux
    java-1.7 64bit


    Going to be migrating old server over to this new one
    Wondering how to best optimize it for max performace
    Old server is hitting 30+players a day and growing alot each day
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated thx
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    Hrm, with that much ram, you should look into some of the tmpfs/ramdrive setups, 8G server 6G ramdrive 2G spare? rock the house man:D

    You just have to be sure to set up a proper backup/restore system and or guard for power loss.
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    Yea we set that on the other server
    just seeing their are more ways to get performance out of it
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    Probably add noatime opts to your fstab too. Reduces overhead on disk reads.

    Custom kernel compile, not sure how much that would help than a few %.
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    Ok thx guys check these things out
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