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    Just an idea I had. A plugin which allows players to vote each x months/weeks for the operator they would like to see demoted, player they would like to see promoted, or operator they would like to see carry on in that position.

    Is this even possible?

    When the voting is over if it could automatically op/de-op based on the results, that would be great.

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    If you want a voting using a command I can do this. From time to time you do /vote <player> and ppl should vote for him. or something like that
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    Yea I think thats the basics, and people with a permission can view the result of voting.
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    Very well. I shall work on this. Tomorrow < < Now Imma sleep xD eheh
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    You may want to supply more detail for Vandrake. ;)
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    hmmm quite the fat plugin xD 13kb eheh

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    vo.admin -> Permission to start a voting.

    vo.view -> Permission to view the results.


    /voteop <player>
    /vo <player>

    to vote say yes or no in the chat. Simple as that.


    -> Anonymous Votes ( noone will know what voted) <if you want me to change this ask me.
    -> People are not allowed to vote for themselves (to prevent abuse).
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    right now this is a Yes/No voting thing

    but could you make a 2ndary option where people can Score them 1-10?
    then we could use it for like building competitions and stuff

    Cool plugin already either way.
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    yes this is possible and at the end it will show a medium score x out of 10 xD But I would need a "Do this" msg of some kind. Not just some suggestion xP And dont forget to tag me if you want me to see your msg
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    I've decided to just make this feature with V Triggers

    feel free to use the idea yourself in any way you like if you want to add it to your newly made voting plugin though.


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