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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Ziden, May 9, 2016.

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    This is not a big deal. I was creating a RPG server, entirely new concept of it, but i got no time to finish it. It has many cool things in it. Its a RPG inspired by Ultima Online, a skill based RPG. Some skills were finished like:

    Alchemy, Magery, Hiding, Stealth, Lumberjacking, the Crafting system is tottaly done via Config files... its a very nice Plugin that i would like to see being finished if someone enjoys this concept.

    It has a Land system (Chunk regions), Custom Crafting Recipes, new Crafting damages/armors values (Need protocol lib to make it cooler), a starting dumb cinematic (That wont be so cool cause there is no map created for that, you will have to manually create the worlds the plugin needs), a Recipe Book system, and a resource harvesting system, and a AutoGenerated Language Translation config.

    If you want any more information feel free to contact me. {{skype info redacted}}

    If this makes a good use for someone, then its already being usefull. If someone is intrested on working on it , maybe i can even help out.

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    This code is very hard ti maintain. You abuse static, and you use deprecated chunk generation.
  3. I can help you with this
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