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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by totokaka, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Some weeks ago I threw this dynamic minecraft banner together in Python just for fun. But it turned out quite cool and useful, so now I decided to publish it. It is just a link to a webpage that serves an image which dynamically updates based on wheter your server is up or not. It's perfect for forum signatures, server lists and server webpages!It supports both 1.7 and 1.6 servers, but currently it only displays it like in the server list of Minecraft 1.6. It supports only 1.7 and the images look like they're taken straight out of minecraft's server listing.

    • Colors in the MOTD and server name
    • Real ping
    • SRV lookup!
    • Bold text
    • Multi line MOTD, works the same way as it does in minecraft, so all multiline motds should show correctly
    How To:
    It's super easy, just fill out the form here.
    Show Spoiler

    I'm not really a web-guy. So I haven't made any site to set this up, but it's quite straight forward. from your browser just enter one of these lines in your adress field:
    status.mclive.eu/<server name>/<server adress>/banner.png
    status.mclive.eu/<server name>/<server adress>/<port>/banner.png
    and replace "<server name>", "<server adress>" and "<port>" with the correct things for your server. If you want colors, just use §<color char> in front of the text. Then go to your adress bar and copy the link that's there. When you paste it, any §'s will be replaced with "%C2%A7" and ' ' will be replaced with %20, this is because spaces and §'s isn't really allowed in URLs.
    Example link: http://status.mclive.eu/Shotbow - USA/us.shotbow.net/banner.png

    Open Source?
    This is programmed in Python 3, and can be hosted by anyone who would like to. The source code is here. It uses Flask, as web-framework, Pillow, for image manipulation, and dnspython, for SRV lookups. Please note I do not give support on how to host this, I event struggeled a bit myself to get it working with uWSGI and nginx.

    • wiki.vg, for protocol specification, I used it for the network part
    • Andrew Tyler, for the Minecraftia font
    • @McLive, for hosting.
    To Do:
    • Modify the Minecraftia font to italics and bold-italics. I'll be happy if someone would do this, I don't think I'll ever bother to do it.
    Change Log:

    • 19/01-14 Moved host
    • 11/11-13 Published at the Bukkit forums
    • 21/12-13 Removed 1.7 and updated the style
    If you this this is a good tool please like this post. And if you think this is helping your server, please consider to [​IMG] some money.
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    Great, but it cuts off my MOTD. Once it is fixed, I will use it.

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    Hmm, I'll just remove the cap then. If it crashes here, it will probabely crash in normal minecraft too...

    HeroCC Tada!

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    Yay! Thank you!
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    Hey, would it be possible if you could make the IP text a different colour? So it's more visible, that'd be awesome!
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    This is very awesome, thank you very much sir! Will use, are you allowed to modify it?
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    It's open source so I'm gunna guess yes.
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    XD 3VIL M0NKEY I'll look into a more visible gray color.

    Axe2760 mattrick16 Actually You aren't really allowed as of now. I haven't chose a license, so by law it's under the private domain.
    but I allow anyone to modify it however they want, but NOT to make any money out of it.
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    Great idea, Nice If you want to show a server something about their MOTD on forums without advertising others on your list.
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    New version!
    It has a new design, but no longer works with 1.6 :/
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    Your service is currently down :(
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    The VPS it's running on is a bit unstable. Should be up now.
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    Will probably use when it has less downtime, my current banner cuts out 90% of my motd...
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    Official host is now McLive!

    This means better uptime.
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    So it's
    for you
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