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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Wrong? Im never wrong. If you are going to host a minecraft server or rent one that needs a panel like this, it just has to be linux. Why waste time buying or running a public server on windows or mac
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    Some peoples are running Minecraft servers on Windows Server Edition. Anyways, it's better to use RemoteToolkit. Finally, this is just my personal advice, so I let @Antariano answering.
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    My advice + opinion too. Just what I would want from something like this. At least make such depends optional.
    ---END OF DEBATE---
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    Allright here I am. @md_5, if you would like to join us to free us from dependencies please contact me <3
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    That depends are you planning to support all platforms? Otherwise I could write a linux only addon as I was going to do before I saw this epic idea of a SpaceBukkit.
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    So as far as I understood it, you want to use screen. Right?
    What we could do is use that for linux and make the others use rtk
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    Ill pm you now.
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    (Click on the picture for full size.)
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    Epic Picture, Can't wait for it
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    Aargh, stop teasing us :p
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    Little update here guys :) Things are going really great, and we expect to launch closed beta in the next couple of weeks.
    Though seeing how things go I will need more proofreaders of my fast typing skills then php and java debuggers.

    At this point I want to get a bit emotional and just thank all of you guys for the great support! If we succeed, it's because of you guys!
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    If you make SB multi-langage support, I can make a french translation...

    Even for closed beta ;)
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    Je suis français dont je pense que je m'occuperais de toute traduction française éventuelle. I'm French so I'll do the French translation if needed. :p

    Nous avons aussi de gens dont le langage natif est l'Allemand, l'Italien et le Russe dans l'équipe. We also have Dutch, Italian and Russian native speakers.

    Amicalement, amicably, NeatMonster.
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    And German :)
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    Oops, sorry. I was talking about 'German' when I said 'Dutch'. My English isn't perfect. :D
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    I speak Dutch/Flemmish, so together with French & German that would give full BeNeLux support. Tell me if needed.
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    They propably made a mistake I speak Dutch, not German xD
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    Dainel Vera

    Spanish and Japanese here
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    Just wanted to let you know we are using teamspeak now and not mumble same ip. Check the webstie if you need help.
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    Release language pack or how to call it correctly could be good for translations. I can do Czech, if interresed
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    We didn't implement a multi-language system yet, but as soon as we have one we'll post it for translations. :)
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    Cool, good to hear that!
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    jamy will there be spacebukkit signature when the beta opens or the release? cause i want to support you all the way with this project :)
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    Yes, I'll make a SpaceBukkit User one when it's out ;)
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    Maybe one with php where the user chooses the name. Something like XYZ is in closed beta :)
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    I love this project, I really loved the idea ,really, once its out, ima get it and use it for my community, because this is EXACTLY what im looking for
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    We appreciate your support!
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    When Do You Think SpaceBukkit Will Be Released?
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    I already answered that :) we honestly don't know, but (and this is not a precise, to belive in of ETA) a couple of weeks I guess
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    some people run it on windows with other software that only run on windows.
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