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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Hello, i would like to apply my server for the closed beta, didn't find any submission form on the forum, so ill just post it here.

    General Server information:
    OS: Debian 6(0.3) x64
    Java: Sun 5.0
    Memory: 64GB Multichannel
    CPU: 4x4 Intel 3.33 ghz
    HDD: 16TB + 128GB SSD

    Running the latest stable build from bukkit. Having about 5-15 users on my server.

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    If you read through this thread, you'll see that signup for the closed beta has ended quite a while before. You'll have to wait untill open beta :)
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    Aww, this just happened: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in D:\xampp\htdocs\space\app\SpaceBukkitAPI.php on line 102
    EDIT: nvm :) it was my server being extreeeeemly slow.
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    Remember issue #39? Should be definitively fixed now.
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    Hmm.. Is bukget down?
    When I want to install a new plugin it should show a catagory list, but all it displays is a reeeally long list with "category".
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    ATM, BukGet is online. Try again and if it doesn't work, open one more ticket to spam us. :p
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    Closed Beat 1.05 Released

    This update includes the following changes:

    • Plugins: Fixed 'plugin list has no data'
    • Global: Renamed Users to Players
    • Settings: Fixed 'Add server' button; as well as 'Add role' button
    • Java: Fixed an issue with parsing the plugin list (as well as MineQuerry)
    • Dash: Added 'Outdated craftbukkit' link to servers page
    • Install: You now can override the initial check if you're sure everything works
    • Java: Fixed disabling plugins
    • Server: Fixed schedule Remove and Run now
    • Server: Properties has been re-added (doesn't work on Windows hosted servers yet!)
    Thanks for participating in this Closed Beta, the SpaceBukkit team loves all of you <3
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    Looks to awesome to ever be free.
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    And yet it'll stay free ;)
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    Lol, demo runs on pre-5 alpha something :)
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    it took me 3 days to make the first one :3
    Need to find a better way of doing it :)
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    That server's huge! I'm impressed :p
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    i can't wait untill this goes public =)

    but one question. i see in the demo that
    in the activation feed the latest is at the buttom but on the command windows the latest is on top. is it possible to configure the activation feed so that the newest is on top?
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    Yes, that should be no problem, but somebody would have to do this :D
    Maybe more data in the variable must be moved then... but that's not that problem =)
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    hmmm... how about an option to limit the lines? because when there are e.g. 50.000 lines it took much time to read with or without the "new" sorting
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    That's already fixed :) Demo is a bit outdated :p
    I'll update it today ;)
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    =) than i'll wait and look later again

    can you say when the open beta is planed? in the february i would rent a root server und would use spacebukkit on it ^^
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    Me too, I have to move from my host to another and I want SpaceBukkit in them... There are any donation link?
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    I could have sworn Jamy said it was planned for New Years... :'(
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    When did I say that? :p
  22. I bet it's a shared game server or VPS.
    He has 5 -15 users online xD
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    Seeing what you have progressed and what you can miss, when do you think have available a RB?

    Remember that absoulut perfection does not exist, and that patches fix everything, do not expect to have everything perfect to launch it, it is impossible.

    About one month? two? three? Aproximately!
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    I thought you mentioned something like that in the big blue S :(
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    Closed Beta 1.06 released :D
    This update includes the following changes:


    • Fixed Players page not working
      Fixed world type bug on creating new world
      Fixed main worlds option setting
      Fixed server properties (Windows too now :D)
      Worlds page CSS/JS fixes

    • Worlds: Setting time now works
      Server: Added enable query to server properties
      Server: Changed server properties lay-out
      Global: Completed multilang support
    Thanks for participating in this Closed Beta, the SpaceBukkit team loves all of you <3
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    @Jamy you guys should add auto-update, way easier :D
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    We have an auto update system built in, but we want to test it intensively before going through the hasstle of using it ;)
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    This is it. I am holding your awesomeness hostage, hand this plugin over and no one has to get hurt!
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    Still closed beta :(
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    i dont like closed betas. it will pull people on a line wich is not sure if its even finished. like minecraft there was only OPEN alpha and then beta and now final. it was never closed. here it is.​
    so. many times i tell people if u make a closed beta report when its gonna be opened. so people do not have to ask or complain about it.​
    here its not clear when its gonna be opened. or released.​
    what version is open when its released.​
    where to get a open released version.​
    currently i can tell that i am not the only one who doesnt like a closed beta.​
    what i normally do is make a small stable version and release it. then when i added and bugfixed release a new one.​
    without closing it. and pushing people out.​
    well anyways this is feedback. nothing more. i do not intend to flame or pulldown because its a nice project.:D
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