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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Looking good! Can't wait :D

    Got any more pictures?
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    We're still waiting for you awesome project @Antariano :). Have you got any ideas when it will come out? :)
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    They keep saying ETA unknown, but it should release soon.
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    Lone Wolf

    Let the poor team work.
    They have enough to deal with bug squashing. I don't think they want the community breathing down their neck for a release date when there's so many bugs...
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    Hey guys,
    Here's an update on the project progress: @Antariano had some personal issues this weekend and we'd like to delay the closed beta.
    As a compromise I'm going to program the demo this night (also have to go to school tomorow, but who cares about school right ;) )
    Please have patience and if you have feature requests, don't hesitate.

    Thanks! :)
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  6. Mmh if you guys need help, I'm always happy to help. I'm pretty good with linux administration but also know some java (started a year ago or so) and could try some PHP. I could help squashing bugs ;) (I have a lot of free time ATM)
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    Thanks for your support; right now @Antariano is our main PHP dev, and I'm learning too.
    At this point we're not "hiring" but after closed beta we may need some forum admins.

    I'm at 25%on the demo, now to school ;)
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    As @Jamy said, developer-wise we are saturated at the moment :) Moderators or Staff members for administration purposes are welcome, though.

    To make a statement about the problems I'm having as already said by Jamy, I'll switch to announcement mode.

    Announcement mode: on

    Statement (28 Nov 2011)
    Due to personal and private difficulties I cannot work on SpaceBukkit this week. I am having some issues in my family I need to attend to. Some bad family stuff. So... I am very sorry but we will have to delay the beta for at least 1 week. I know this sucks, and I am sorry, but I hope you understand.
    Thanks :)

    Announcement mode: off
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    Family always comes first.
    Hope you fix stuff quick <3
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    1 weeks aint much, cmon we can wait guys!
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    We've waited since finding out about SpaceBukkit, which has been as much as 4+ months. What's another week? Yes, I look forward to SpaceBukkit, but I would rather the developers be happy with what they are releasing than rushing something out because they are tired of being hassled. This is the way I have worked with Bukkit - be patient for the RB instead of getting frustrated with a broken build or screaming for the next version.
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    Get well soon Antariano, message from all the CraftPanel team

    CraftPanel Team
    Henrique B
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    Lone Wolf

    Rome wasn't built in a day ;D
    Take all the time you need.
    And sorry about your family's situation. I hope it gets better soon!
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    Would be awesome if i could setup my permissions and the overall plugin configuration with this :D
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    Do you mean this?
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    Wow.. I can't wait until it's publicly released. I would love to beta test it, but apparently it's closed :(
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    Mh this is just an Editor ;) I can do that with notepad++ without any problems...
    I thought about something more graphical.
    Especially for .yml files where you always have to look after the formatting and stuff...
    Surely you would need a little bit scripting for each plugin and its own config files, but you would be able to see everything at the first glence.(Having pull down menus, check boxes etc. would be awesome :<)
    If i just think what i have to do for setting up multiverse, worldguard, permissions and epicZones for each world, group and player :/ No fun at all.
    Since it is a Web-based application i could write the things i would like to have for it on my own couldn't I?
    And there is definitely a need for a programm which loads the world of minecraft and letting you set and copy region files so you don't have to do it ingame (Especially for LARGE ones) but thats has nothing to do with this here.
    Ah, will it support dynmaps or something like that :<?
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    The hope dies last that spacebikkit release
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    Thank's for your feedback :)

    Why would you need a web administration tool if you have the server on your pc? Excuse me but "I can use notepad" is no argument. Next please :p

    An addon system is being worked on. It allows you to connect to plugins and write you're own interfaces for the panel.

    Dynmap... I'm not quite sure what that would have to do with an administration tool. Sure, I can easily implement it, but what would it do for administration purposes?
  20. Is there something like backups included?
    If yes would it be possible to integrate something that lets you backup to a remote server via SCP/SFTP/FTP?

    Oh and I like the idea with the .yml parsing of permissions but not as per plugin but for yml files.

    Lets say you parse a yaml file and stuff before the ":" is a label and besides that you have text boxes or if in the default .yml are boolean there is a true false checkbox.

    Buts thats just luxus :D An editor would do great
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    SpaceBukkit looks amazing. I feel bad for not getting into the beta, but I can't wait for the public release!
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    Guess what, DEMO's here! :)
    Please note that not all features work (and this is static, no data changes)!
    If you get an error message please PM me ;)


    Have fun! :D
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  23. Nice!
    ...but a login is needed? :s
    Edit. it' demo/demo :)
    Edit 2: sending a command shows an errors.
    Edit 3: Plugins>manage only loads and processes...
    Edit 4: It's amazing! wow :eek:
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    Lone Wolf


    Just skimmed over the entire panel.....
    I'm sorry to say...

    You guys really outdid yourselves on this project!

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    This is amazing. Like... Incredible... I think I'll have to replace my crafpanel bookmark. Good job!
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    That looks sooo great! Cant wait :D
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    HOLY S***T
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    better wait

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    Shhhhh, you're coming with a whole lot of OS stuff that I can't implement without pissing off my server manager =P
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