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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    If you want to I can whitelist you; but we're in dev mode (setting up server, spawn, making a plugin, etc.)
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    Nah I don't have to ;)
    Too busy with my own server anyway.

    And oh, PLEASE make it better with backup restoring that McMyAdmin, cuz that's taking aaages.
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    It'll try to do my best to make this feature as efficient as possible.
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    What is the methodology you are thinking of using?
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    Directory copying? :p
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  6. I'm so glad that this project is still alive!

    Checked out the new screenshots, you guys have come a long way! Would love to see maybe a screencast of it in action sometime.

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    Any thought on diffs?
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    @Antariano has made some videos on it, I'll reply again when I get them
    EDIT: Here's one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlYJ3ENKs-Y
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    I'm starting to be hating on Multicraft as we are soon going to get into actual use of our control panel for Guardian.
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    Thank you very much, it means a lot to us!
    Here are the two videos I recorded:

    Announcement time: :)
    We are doing good progresses, guys. There's just some bugs to fix, some tests to run, some things to optimize. I decided to cut the feature list for beta, but be assured that we WILL add everything in time.

    Being a guy that likes whole things I didn't want to do this, but I think something is better then nothing, right? Especially if that something is already awesome on itself!

    Beta will start (if everything goes according to plans) in a few days. We will send the emails with all the instructions you'll need, and we have a little forum up and running for communication: bug reports, problems, suggestions etc.

    The beta will NOT include the following elements:
    • Addon System
    • World Management
    • Backup Management
    • Visual Permissions editing
    • File Manager
    • Statistics
    The beta will include everything else (and more) that we've shown, explained and spoiled.
    To add a little fun to the party, I've hidden several easter eggs in the interface. There's not prize yet if you find them all, but hey, it's for gag!

    I thank everybody that supported and helped in this project.

    Prepare for awesomeness, guys!
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    *Prepares for awesomeness.. =D
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    If you guys haven't already read my post on our control panels: link
    Feedback would be nice ^^
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    Will this be hosted on the own server like mcmyadmin or one main webserver set up to minecraft servers.

    Tbh I prefer hosting it like mcmyadmin
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    This will be only self-hosted. And if there's panel hosting it probably won't be from us.
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    Sweet, thanks!

    Edit: Any chance you can tell me who made the gfx for spacebukkit?
  17. I had to ask this because I can't find it in the features. Does SpaceBukkit include automatic saves in beta or in the official version that is going to be released someday? Just curious, as that is a really important feature for me, but as there are some plugins for it, I might just crab one of those.

    Also, I saw in your video that there are few skins available to choose from for SpaceBukkit. Probably, someday you could make players able to create their own styles and then post them into a SpaceBukkit Skins site or something? Not like its necessary, but its a fun feature.

    On other notes, just amazing. I can barely wait these few days for the Beta to appear, I'm not gonna do anything else than stare at my inbox for the beta. =D
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    GFX? If you mean the GUI, it was me.

    I think you mean this:
    As mentioned in my first video, we will have full theme support, by anybody. You can change the complete CSS of spacebukkit if you want!
    The themes center is our forums :D

    Thanks man!
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  19. @Antariano
    Awesome! Just what I was thinking of. =P
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    Yay! Can't wait.
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    Still love it. Buuut.... change ADMIN to ADMN ;)
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    When will the closed BETA be sent out? This week?
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    If we manage to squeeze out the bugs, yes. But we will keep you guys posted :D
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    You dont squeeze out bugs, you slap them with a fly swat!

    Haha apart from jokes this seems very professional.
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  26. Awesome. I don't really have words. This just looks incredible. Can't wait.

    As a side note, maybe this has been covered but will the plugin engine (For SpaceBukkit) be able to communicate with plugins? The reason I ask is this: I'd love to use this, and being a MV dev, I'd love to be able to write a plugin for SpaceBukkit that would tie it with MV. With that said, I doubt you're using a java framework to run this, and I don't know the inner-workings at all, but if it's possible, that'd be incredible.

    Anywho, I've got my eye on this project... :p

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    All the server part of SpaceBukkit is written in Java. As I already said, you'll be able to make some kind of addons for SpaceBukkit to get some custom informations. All you need is to make your plugin's main class extends our custom class, fill our method with what your plugin should answer. But I'll stop explanations here cause addons are only implemented on the server side yet.
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    That it right. As NeatMonster explained, we are working on an addon system that allows plugins to communicate with SpaceBukkit (on the server side) and their authors to define own custom interfaces inside the panel.
    For instance, Iconomy could fetch all it's statistics and display them on it's own page. Multiverse could have a full GUI with all settings per world etc etc
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  30. Awesome, I read something, but it may have been another bukkit mgmt system that said "supports iConomy" and my first thought was "uh-oh... here it goes again..."

    If you guys put the responsibility onto us, then you can tell your users "Hey, bug FernFerret, he's the MV guy, not us!" With that said, let me know when you have something you can work with, and I'd be more than glad to get a MV plugin out for it.


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