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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    just keep doing youre great work!
    I just said what I thought. You certainly didn't treat me bad. It's Antariano that treated others good. I'm not saying you are a bad person. I just wanted to compliment Antariano.
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  2. @Gulfilas
    I agree with every word. Just seeing how Antariano appreciates every message he gets and even if he gets bad comments he can still be so kind for others. Users on these forums are also impatiently asking and begging him for beta, but he still can just tell them calmly when its about to come. I know I myself couldn't do that, if someone was asking me all the time about beta, I would freak out and yell at them.
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    What does SpaceBukkitServer by us in requiments means?
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    I'm getting all red guys, stop it!
    Just about 3 lines below:

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    Wait so does that mean I can have the web panel hosted on a different machine and tell the plugin to talk to it?
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    Yes of course sir :)
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    who knows... I planned to go beta this tuesday, but if bugs pop out I will delay it to fix them. We want no stupid stuff happening to the users, the ones that have to suffer are us devs, not them.
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    Release it to the hungry server OPs and we'll find every bug within it in 3 days =P
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    and @Antariano has to fix it in 2 seconds.. :)
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    can he fix it


    I have an idea
    is it possible that when a new user came to the server a pop-up or a sound played so admins who maybe just not on the server noticed that

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    No sounds as of yet; we do have a player counter on the dashboard.
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    i know but it would be nice if you could watch a video or something like that and can easyly noticed that a new player joined your srever

    (i was looking around the bukkit forum and i forot the time and missed 5 players)

    while i typed that i missed a nother player -.-

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    I think it's a good idea.
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    i would do it my own but i have no idea ho to get the data aout of the plugin into a programm or a php-skript witch is runing on a other computer
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    You should probably wait for the SpaceBukkitAPI to be released. Then you'll be able to make an add-on for the SpaceBukkit plugin and the SpaceBukkit panel.
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    but i could writ my own plugin and get PLUGIN DEVELOOPER^^ katiscng
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    Maybe an email or text on certain "events", like a new player joining the server.
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    an email is a good idear but than you need an programm like thinderbird
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    Thinderbird? That's new :p
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    You mustn't develop plugins only to get the Plugin Developer rank. You must develop them because you want to expand Bukkit fonctionnalities and help the users.
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    I thought of that. But then I thought of the massive sound spam one would get if many join, especially on large servers with many people online.

    If you look at the dashboard screenshot there's an activity feed that logs everything that happens on the panel. For users joining etc. it's the same answer as for ToastHelmi, it would just be massive spam.
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    There could be an option to disable the popups.
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    I'll see what I can do, but I have more important tasks for beta. I'll add it sometime, though
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    It's almost here!!
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    A very ambitious project with a bright future. I do hope that RedstoneHost will use your administration panel when it releases. It will definitely go head2head with MMA, and so far I have been unimpressed with MMA 2.
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    Thanks man, getting such words from you is an honor :)

    @Everybody else, I made another video (usual bad quality):
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    So eeh..
    When the server stops (when for example using that map stuff), kick everyone with the reason "Server restarting" or something. Just looks nicer ;)
    And also, do you need any Java developers?
    I'd be glad to be one of them!
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    Actually it does. On the video it was my minecraft that just decided to suck at the right moment :D
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