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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Ehm... just the brain could proove to be a bit difficult, don't you think? :p

    Thanks mate :D

    Argh, I forgot! It's uncle Ant's screenshot time again! This episode: plugin management and configurations!

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    Dat screenshot.

    This looks fantastic. Can't wait! :D
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    Lone Wolf

    Config file editor?
    Now THAT has blown me away...
    This is too perfect. I'm going to have a heart attack before this is released just thinking of all of the things it has simplified xP
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    I got closed beta :)
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    Closed beta is out?

    Should I check my spam folder? :p
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    You would have got a pm :(
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    We just have contacted some people via PM to get their email addresses (for the beta keys), don't worry guys. When beta is out I will make a post with maximum font size. That's the signal, ok? :)


    Consider what you said. Reread it. You think this is an appropriate sentence for a moderator? Think again.

    We are working almost nonstop to get this done, and we love what we do. Such comments just hurt us. ( I guess they would hurt ANY developer. I don't tell people their work is probably bad without ever seing it)

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    @Antariano Thanks. Look forward to beta and possibly creating a server running 5 panels at once :) Have you thought about import scripts?
  9. Loving it! These pictures of SpaceBukkit makes me want it even more, but luckily the closed beta is not too far away. =)
    Also, does that configure thing auto detect the config files, or do we have to specify where they are located? Just a thought, because I think they are not always called config.yml? Correct me if I am wrong. =)
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    automatically loads all files in the plugin's directory. The only bad thing is when it's no text file (like a database or an image), then you get some weird output, but I guess it's no big deal.
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    Hey btw, I'm guessing you're doing that with PHP.
    Can you help me with some PHP sometime? It has to do with PHP socketing. For my plugin :)

    Oh, and eagerly awaiting the bèta key =D
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    What do you need to do?
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    Connect to port configured in config.php (or whatever is easiest for you) then send a message through it and then print the received data.
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    Maybe we can help you with our API. But unfortunately I don't have much time.
    Guys, no screenshots today. Something better. I'm uploading a video to YT right now :D
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    Then is the open beta coming? Thanks!
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    Of course it's coming :) but in some weeks :D

    Uncle Ant's screenshot time today get's replaced by Uncle Ant's video time O_O

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    Lone Wolf

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    Please check your PMs, I sent you one about a domain I have.
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    If we are in the private beta and if we have given you our email address. I assume you will email us with the details, Correct?
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    I sure guess so.
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    You will recieve an email with download links, instructions etc. Most probably it ill happen next week
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    I registered to Bukkit just to leave this message. (but I followed this thread from the beginning)

    Antariano, your work is just the best I've ever seen. And it's not just the panel itself - it's how you treat people, it's how you listen to them, it's how kind and at the same time professional you are.

    These are the main reasons I will use SpaceBukkit over CraftPanel and MCMA.

    Looking at your screenshots and videos I got another reason to use it - because of it's incredible features and awesome UI. But the main reasons remain the ones I wrote before.

    I hope you can continue this, I am counting on you, and I know many others are!
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    @Antariano I wrote comment under your YT video but i'm writing it also here: i love your...can't write plugin 'cause this is much much more :D...system. I would love to support it, so i'm offering you translation to Czech language for free :). Are you interested? :p
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    I am speechless, Gulfilas. I am honored. I don't know how to thank you. I'll keep you're words in mind while working, they sill surely keep me going. :):):)

    Translations - you made me remember that those are on my todolist :p

    Once beta comes out I will publish the language files, so anybody willing to make a translation will be able to.
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    omg!....I didnt know I was treating you badly =(
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    oops, meant the community badly
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