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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    how!? its emazhin!
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    I finally got around re-designing the dashboard, gonna post a screenshot today :p
    Also, I finished the update class - when a new version comes out you just click a button, and SpaceBukkit updates itself automatically! pretty hardcore stuff lol
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    E. p. I. C.
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    Allright, there are 7 todos on my todolist. I'll try to do 1 a day + some bugfixes, so we get to beta in time.
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    I'll post a static demo of the panel tomorrow or in 2 days, stay tuned!
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    Looking forward to the release of this

    It looks EPIC
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    The screenshots don't show the lates version, the dashboard got redesigned :p It's even MORE epic
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    I wish I was in Closed Beta. Oh well.
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    Whats the difference between CraftPanel and SpaceBukkit?
    These two panels are leaving me in a giant question, which to choose? I'd hate to have to change. :(
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    better wait for BETA saviatto (<== this name is italian?)

    I dontt know the difference, simply by not knowing SpaceBukkit.
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    I am getting excited!
    Really looking forward to testing this out!
    Keep up the fabulous work!
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    It's uncle Ant's screenshot time! YAY :p

    Here's the dashboard in all it's glory!
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    god do i love your skill
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    Lone Wolf

    Happy birthday Antariano!

    Here is a twinkie cake. ^^
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  16. Happy birthday Antariano!

    Heres a bit blocky cake for you!
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    uncle Ant show us more show us more pictures or a video [diamond]
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    Ty guys! *sniff*

    I am preparing the static demo right now :)
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    All hail the magical @Antariano

    Happy birthday Antariano! We hopez u haz good day.

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    So much cake! GLADOS would'nt be happy on this thread, would she? lol

    I started this in august, if I remember correctly.
    4 months of hard work and no social life whatsoever later I sit in front of my PC and look at this amazing panel our team crafted.
    It's not finished, but overally it's just amazing how much love we put in every detail, in every function.

    I'm getting emotional again, aren't I?

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  22. Getting Emotional just shows your Dedicated, Which is what one needs to complete something so beautiful =]

    BTW, Great Work from what I can see so Far guys. Can not wait for the open Beta ;>
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    Thanks mate, I appreciate it :)
  24. @Antariano I just noticed you have an amazing post/likes ratio O:
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    Is the static demo ready yet? I wanna play with the interface :(
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    me too. i'm following the project now for a few weeks and i want to play with the plugin. everything would gonna be so much easier to control for me and my friends :)
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    Hi, how are you going?
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    This thread is full of like-0-holics
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    or maybe people like what I do
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    I see @Jamy like that.
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