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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by XgXXSnipz, May 28, 2014.

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    So im making a GUI plugin.. this is very hard to explain so let me give you an example :)

    So I open a GUI and there is 4 slots the first one has a piece of redstone, the next slot has a ender pearl, and the next one has a diamond and the last one has a emerald

    Now my question is how do I make it so if I click the redstone it will open a different GUI and close the current one?
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    We need to see a bit of your code first.
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    Listen for when the player clicks on the red stone -> Open the other inventory
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    XgXXSnipz InventoryClickEvent if item is diamond in your special GUI, open a different inventory.
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    You have to open the other inventory (in a scheduled task) to happen a tick after the InventoryClickEvent is called.

    See the JavaDocs:
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