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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Scorpionvssub, Jun 22, 2015.

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    I checked google all over and i know there is permission under a craftbukkit file saying bukkit.command.op.give and take but these 2 dont seem to work? either i done something wrong with the permissions

        - bukkit.command.op.give
        - bukkit.command.op.take
    I use Spigot anyone got an idea?

    Logically she can deop herself since when i make her op she has the permissions to deop herself but afterwards...
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    Well, you haven't really explained what you're wanting to accomplish, but consider as well: there are bukkit command nodes, and minecraft command nodes as well.

    the give will let someone op someone else, the take will let them deop themselves or anyone else.
    if you give the give to a specific player, they get ops, and ops have all permissions anyways. The value of those specific permission nodes is that they can be used as negative permissions and should override "ops rulz!" effect, ie removing the abilty to op someone else while opped (which of course, can also be controlled via the op level selection...
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    well the op permissions i got there are from there but still it wont allow my coowner to op herself and since i cant find the correct region/worldguard permission node to disallow her to build within guarded area's even when * node is given. so easiest i thought wouldve been to allow her to op and deop herself, bungee and all see her as admin so she can ban at will.

    But none of the perms seem valid..
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    anyone otherwise got an idea what otherwise the permission node is to disallow someone that has * perms to break blocks for a global region?
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    if you want someone to be able to op why not just op them?
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    worldguard has a region bypass node
    That is the node that you need to negate for worldguard.* users and * users
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    @Garrett1199 The reason i need to either have them unable to use the global region like regular members(none owner/admin/ops) is cause she wants to play prison on the server, and if she has op or * perms she can demolish all of it while mining unless i make it all into bedrock that wont look good. Also i wont always be around to op her incase something needs fixing due to a bug in the system causing a block to have been broken or she needs to do something that requires op. Besides, if i need to op her i probably can just do what needs to be done myself.

    @Boomer i just want her to be unable to break blocks in the global region not the childs regions such as the mines. without specifying every single user/group

    Ill try worldguard.region.bypass.*
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    bypass permission means "if this region has build-deny flags, screw it - let me break anyways"
    by not having that permission, they are subject to the same build/break rules as everyone else
    which is exactly what you want.

    And its the negating of that node you need...
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    well yea, noone can build but me or ops. but an op has auto bypass just as * has so i added - -worldguard..... to it see if that helps, that way i could keep her op save the whole issue but again, she must be able to play the game and if she cant build in there thats fine i guess if really needed i can temp turn that notion off.

    Well...that didnt work, i got the * node added the negation node opped myself and tested, still was able to break stuff

    Though that node advances into all regions including smaller 1s i cant do anything -.- even though flags: Build: allow is active
    Even block break is
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    opped users have the bypass node. You CANT remove nodes from opped users
    You CAN negate the bypass node for non-opped users who hold worldguard.* a latest.log file following a clean server restart (not /reload)
    and your permissions file for reference
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    @Boomer So basicly i got to get this /op /deop permission node to work... i replaced the bukkit.command.op give thing with the smaller version that combines both ill give that 1 a go, there are no errors and server starts up extremely clean(except 1 plugin needs updating which has nothing to do with regions OR perms or op or even mining for that matter(except that it provides the blocks that people can mine). Reason i dont update it is cause the 1.6 version over the 2.x(ezrankslite) has a scoreboard which latest doesnt have (yet)

    While there is a bukkit.* perm node still wont allow it.

    For some reason also i dont have /plugins permission with op and * node X)
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