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    Plugin category: Anything Idk

    Suggested name: OpWorld

    What I want: i want people have op in one world and the other if i dont want to unless we op them

    Ideas for commands: /opworlds [Shows the plugin version] /op <name>

    Ideas for permissions: opworlds.op [give people op in a world]

    When I'd like it by: When Ever you want
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    Sure, why not.
    Let me do this tomorrow.
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    ok :D

    Here A Better Desccription: what i want in this plugin, i want people op in one world but the other world they have to op unless i op them

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  5. moneyboybro
    Idk if calebbfmv is currently working on this, but I'll give it a shot :) Give me a few mins :p
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    I was, but feel free to go ahead, I am trying to fix somethings with my new plugin
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    i use group manger and my world plugin is multiverse
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    How is the progress? calebbfmv and @TheGamingGrunts ?
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    I looked into this and I can't seem to find a way to allow it, what might work is adding per world perms, something I might be able to do sometime in the future. I have to pause and focus on school right now, as I have the PSAT this week
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    Maybe on command and on login check what world someone is in then if they are in target world then set them off when they leave the world take op away with the target worlds and players all defined in a configuration or perms
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    Can't GroupManager give per-world permissions?

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