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    my players are concerned the ops may used their op powers in ways that are unbalances and would wreck the economy. Anyone got any plugin ideas for making admins accountable? I'm happy to help code it if we come up with a good idea
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    they are admins, meaning they are trusted. If you find them abusing their power, degrade them.
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    I guess the question, how do my players know I'm to be trusted?
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    If your running the console from your computer or can access the console just look for them giving themselves things. If they do de-op them or use a inventory clearer on them to make them learn not to cheat the game or just dont have ops.
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    no, it's not "can I trust my ops?"
    it's "can my players trust me?"
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    An admin has 100% power over the server. This is fundamental.

    It is like on a forum, an admin can read all the PMs if they want.

    The only way around it would be for someone else to admin the server for you.
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    Why are you asking us if your players can trust you! For goodness sakes! ASK YOURSELF!
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    The easiest way to do this would be to make your server logs public to the members of your server. Otherwise, there isn't a whole lot you can do, unless you announce to everyone in the server when an op uses their powers (which is what releasing the logs would do anyhow)

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