Only scraping the tip of the Bukkit Iceberg?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by xxCoderForLifexx, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. I really do believe we can make a lot more things with CraftBukkit and Bukkit I don't really have that great of Java Skills so I can't really do some stuff but from the things I have seen from Spout to Essentials there are just so much we can all do to make CraftBukkit even better. We have really only unlocked about 1.4% of Bukkit I believe I don't really thing people will ever get serious about Bukkit because after all the big picture if your not working for Mojang this is just a game to you and I really don't thing people with advanced Java Skills are really gonna care if a thing such as Bukkit goes up or down (they have there own lives to live) but I really thing people need to stop with the little plugins and start to make bigger,badder,better plugins for the Bukkit World to enjoy. I have already started learning more Java each day to improve ever thing I make for Bukkit. I really don't want to see Bukkit die! So people I really do ask if you are a first time Bukkit Plugin Dev. or a long time Dev. Just make stuff you want to be proud of not a plugin you wrote in 20-40 minutes (but sometimes that all it takes). Lets just listen to the people and what they want and not make stuff that you want to make. That is a really go way to get downloads as well because making a plugin people want will really help you but I'm not saying if you have an original idea don't stop your self from making it! But really there is soooooo! Much more we can do with Bukkit so just try your best to not make a plugin because that kind of plugin is the kind getting downloads make the kind of plugin the server owners and fellow Devs. want to see!
  2. :'( wonderful.
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  3. Thank you ;)
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    I'm not sure if I get exactly what you mean, but I'd like to say one of the things I rather enjoy with plugin programming is trying to work within the confines that the server imposes. Sure it can be a problem, but to be able to come up with some solution or idea that only requires the server rather than needing to modify the client is a lot more fun to me personally.

    That and I came from a previous server-side modding community, so I'm biased.
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    Did you know that 83.6% of all statistics are made up? :p
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  6. Explain!

    I see what you mean!

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    99.9% of plugin requests are already made.

    True story! :p
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