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    Plugin category: Money/ Iconomy

    Suggested name: OnlineShop

    What I want: I want a plugin there you can right click a diamond block that a admin have made by looking at the block and write "/onlineshop create" then you right click the block and get a menu like your inventory there you can browse for every item in-game and in the config file you can set how much everyting should cost or if any item should be blocked from store so it will be like an online shop but in-game and yiu get the stuff right away and dont hav to wait...
    pretty simple i guess.

    *Create Shop while looking at diamond block and write /onlineshop create
    *In config file you should be able to choose if any item should be blocked and how much the diffrent items should cost and what you can sell them for
    *The player is gonna right click the block and get an screen there you can browse and add items to a "shopping cart"
    *If the player don't have enough space in inventory or not enough money, a messeage will appear and tell whats the problem...
    * I want the plugin to be lika an online shop in real life but in minecraft

    Ideas for commands: /onlinehop create
    /onlineshop delete
    /onlineshop reload
    I think that was all commands...
    Ideas for permissions: player.use.onlineshop

    When I'd like it by: Today
    Sry for bad English... From Sweden

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