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    It may sound stupid with the title.

    but I have been browsing the plugin search results for a plugin that is up-to-date and works with the current minecraft. (Am I missing some good ones, or are they all outdated?)

    What I want is a plugin that will automatically preform a given command to a user after they have got an x amount of online time.
    For instance (on the server I co-host (which is newish and very young) Site:
    I want it so that new players get ranked up after they have reached a set amount of online time (as the rank plugin we use is groups) I need it so that the command preformed is
    "/perms pgroup {group} [user/player]"
    Since we have also already got donators, I'll need a permission to put in all other groups so they don't get "down graded" to a low rank.
    I would also prefer an easy-to-understand config file, maybe something along the lines of:

    Target Time: 5h
    Permission: timer.rankup1
    Repeat: false
    command to carry:
    - perms pgroup {player} Member
    #- Possible other commands
    Target Time: 10h
    permission: timer.freeitem
    Repeat: true
    command to carry:
    - give {player} 264 1
    #- other command?
    Player: TisBraddd
    Time online: 300h 120m
    Player: Player 2
    Time online: xh ym

    Permissions are there to stop the command from carrying out.
    The repeat line can be used to make the command repeat every time the user reaches the set amount of time, example: for the free item the player will get a free diamond every 10 hours.

    Time wanted: ASAP really, but not vital.

    Any links or any help towards this will be very much grateful!
    TisBraddd ~ MineByte's Head Admin.
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    Thanks for the quick replies!

    Hmm, I've started having a look around the config.yml and rewards.yml
    So far I've not made head or tales of this.. If I can have a demo version of a complete rewards.yml so I understand better what I must do. And like I said above, any way to make this plugin still monitor all players, but not initiate a command if they're in a certain group? - I'm guessing that's the group it's self.

    I noticed Vault supports "GroupManager" but our permissions plugin is:
    Is vault actually compatible with this?

    If possible, I am available on Skype if you'd prefer to help me that way? - British (GMT) Just PM me if that's easier.

    Sorry for being such a "noob" at understanding how this plugin works, but I'm not a huge fan of looking at a load of text especially when not much of it makes sense to me Hah.

    Again many thanks!
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    What you need to do is all in the one link I provided, but I'll help you along a little bit.

    0. First, I recommend you pick another permissions plugin. "groups" is not supported by Vault. Any plugin (which includes most of the well established ones like OnTime) will not provide support directly for specific plugins like "Groups", but will only interface via Vault. Which is why Vault has over 2.7 Million downloads, and "Groups" is only approaching 10,000. (I don't mean to disparage that permission plugin and perhaps its the best ever invented, but until it is supported by Vault I would never choose it for my servers.)

    1. You do not have to make any edits to the config.yml, the defaults will provide the basic setup you need to get started.

    2. In general, you do not have to worry about understanding the rewards.yml, as the plugin commands will take care of it (for the most part). The one thing you need to do is edit the default rewards.yml, and simply list in there your supported groups. (See here for an explanation) It would look something like this:

    - default
    - noobie
    - builder
    - trusted
    - admin
    - owner

    3. Make sure that your groups have the permissions 'ontime.track' and 'ontime.reward.receive'. See here for all available permissions.
    4. Then if I wanted to give a promotion from "default" to "noobie" after 1 hour of playtime, and "noobie" to "builder" after 4 hours, I would only have to run these commands in the console or in game:

    /ontime rewards add promotion noobie 1h

    /ontime rewards add promotion builder 4h

    The order of the groups listed in the rewards.yml is the 'promotion' ladder, so any player that is in 'trusted, admin, or owner' would not be changed from their groups when then hit the 1h or 4h playtime goals.

    If you look at reward.yml you will see entries there for the reward definitions, but again there really is no need to understand them as they are managed automatically by the plugin.

    That's it.

    Again, if you just read that one link, you will find it all the same info there.
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    I have brought up the permissions plugin with the actual owner (I'm just head-founder) and he doesn't want us to change an already working permission system - since we have already got all our groups to work - But I shall definitely do this on my local machine, and see if he would then like to swap over.

    Again, many thanks!
    Sorry that I was a slight bit awkward :)

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