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    Might post this wrong, But can you guys see what i'm doing wrong?
    I've had serveral servers up before, But somehow people can't join this one (Nowadays I live in Norway)

    Me and 3 others would highly appriciate the help!

    Windows x64
    8GB RAM
    i7 2600k
    Netgear router

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    in server-ip= try putting your internal ip address(ipv4) plus the port you portforwarded for the server so like:
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    if that does not work, try server-ip to equal your external ip, and check windows firewall allows that port
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    Probably your provider uses NAT, so all ports are blocked from outside connection.
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    I see the problem! online-mode=false.
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    Locked. We do not support offline mode (online-mode=false).
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