onEntityDamage issues

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by luciddream, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Does anyone have any clue how to filter out onEntityDamage events if they aren't actually doing any damage? If I attack someone twice quickly enough only one of the hits will do damage but both of them will trigger. I tried doing if(event.getDamage() > 0) but no luck, it was getting damage for both hits even when the second one didn't actually hurt the target. I could do it if I could get the entity's no damage ticks, but it doesn't look like you can with bukkit.
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    It's probably just server lag.
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    Edward Hand

    You can do it by interfacing with CraftBukkit and the server base classes:
    CraftLivingEntity cEntity = (CraftLivingEntity)event.getEntity()
    int damageTicks cEntity.getHandle().hurtTicks
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    This should work great, thanks =D

    edit: It does! Awesome!
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