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    Plugin category: Minigame - SPIGOT/BUKKIT

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2+

    Suggested name: OneInTheChamber

    What I want:
    The aim of the minigame would be to kill 20 players (configurable) in 5 minutes (configurable) and then the game will end and players will be teleported back to lobby (If somebody got 20 kills before timer will end the game will end and also if nobody got the 20 kills in 5 minutes the game will and player with most kills will be awarded with extra points and tokens as a winner) . Players will start with wooden sword, 1x bow, 1 arrow and leather chestplate. When player kill someone the player will receive back the arror or add +1 arror if he had some. Kill with bows are insta. The winner will receive extra tokens

    On XP bar will be countdown for example 500 seconds (configurable) when minimum 4 players (configurable) are in lobby (when this 4 players join to lobby the countdown will be shorted to 1 minute - configurable) (message will be spammed every 30 seconds (configurable) for players in lobby
    For every kill you will get 1 token and 5 points (configurable)

    Ranks: Rookie: 0-100 points
    Elite: 100-200 points
    Master: 200 - 300 points
    Champion: 300-400 points
    Legend: 400-500 points (Would be great if the ranks and points would be configurable)

    Upgraid Gui: Upgrade from wooden sword to Golden Sword
    Upgrade from Golden sword to Stone Sword
    Upgrade from Stone Sword to Iron Sword
    Upgrade from leather chestplate to Golden Chestplate
    Upgrade from Golden chestplate to Iron Chestplate
    Uprade when you die it will throw a tnt which will explode on place where you died
    Uprade At the beggining of the arena you will receive 2 arrows
    Upgrade from non-echanted bow to bow with power 1
    Uprade from bow with power 1 to power 2
    Uprade from bow with power 2 to power 3
    Uprade that when you kill player your health will be maxed (Editable lores and prices for every uprade)

    Achievements Gui: Kill a player without using your bow
    Win a game
    Win 5 games
    Win 25 games
    Win 100 games
    Win 250 games
    Get an upgrade
    Get 5 upgrades
    Get full upgrades
    Get 10 kills
    Get 50 kills
    Get 150 kills
    Get 500 kills
    Unlock all oitc achievements (all achievements will be rewarded with tokens and points)
    screenshots of achievements gui:,,, (after clicking on each block it will show you other gui in same gui)

    Scoreboard in lobby (editable?)
    Scoreboard in arena: (editable?)
    Editable messages

    Ideas for commands:
    Admin / setup commands:
    /oitc The main command of the plugin, and a shortened command for One in the Chamber
    /oitc create [Arena] - Creates the arena with the name specified in the argument
    /oitc addspawn [Arena] - Adds a spawn to the Arena, Can make multiple spawns (As many as you want)
    /oitc setlobby [Arena] - This sets the Per-Arena Lobby's that players will be teleported after game ends
    /oitc remove [Arena] - Remove the arena
    /oitc list - Show list of arenas
    /oitc set <tokens/points> <amount> <player> - set amount of tokens to a player can be negative or positive number
    /oitc reload - Reloads the Config files for OITC (Instead of just Reloading the whole server)

    player commands:
    /oitc shop - show gui with upgraides
    /oitc achievements - show your achievements
    /oitc stats - show your stats
    /oitc leave - leaves the current arena you are in and teleport you back to the lobby.
    /oitc join [ArenaName] - join to the lobby and game can start

    Ideas for permissions:
    oitc.admin - admin/setup commands
    oitc.player - player commands
    oitc.double - double earning tokens and points

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    PS: here is the same as here but probably better readable
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    I can try to.
    This will take a bit long :).
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    just a bit xD the plugin just needs a game system and a rank system and an achievement system and a good integration into the server
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    I'm not working alone :p
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    @Surprice what is the point of making multiple spawns?
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    @JavaNaza people should be deployed all over the map not like in sg. But even there you would need to set 24 spawn locations for the game.
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    Are you still doing this?
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    i made a plugin like this for my own server so im just copy and paste and complete.
    i will do this for
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    Like if there would be only 1 spawnpoint people should just stay there and spawnkilling them which I don't really want
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