One-way mirror/glass

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Is this a good idea? (the more who vote, hopefully better chance someone will code it)

  1. yes

  2. no

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    a simple plugin where you could use a command (toggle on/off maybe) or left click with glass to toggle, so you could place one way glass. it would be view-able through the direction that u placed it, but when viewed from the other side it would take in the appearance of the blocks around it (could be programmed to to just mimic a block in one direction, defined in a config file or something, to make it easier to code.) make sure light also only transfers one-way so torches wont give away your secret room. i don't want the special glass to be created on a tool bench or something because this would be a new item to the game, meaning it would require client-side plugins as well. i want it to be a solely server plugin if possible.
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    I was thinking something that would reflect the player like a painting and u put in a code like /mirror then left click it and it turns into a mirror.. is this possible?
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    you just bumped a 7-months-old thread..
  4. This is a good idea.
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    I lol'd.
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