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    Plugin category: Enchanting

    Suggested name: One More Step
    What I want: I want a plugin which would allow players to extend the enchanting with anvil to an extent of 1 more level for example:
    Sharpness V + Sharpness V = Sharpness VI (Working as if enchanted with essentials)
    Protection IV + Protection IV = Protection V
    Fire Protection IV + FIre Protection IV = Fire Protection V
    Power V + Power V = Power VI
    Thorns III + Thorns III = Thorns IV
    Knockback II + Knockback II = Knockback III
    Fire Aspect II + Fire Aspect II = Fire Aspect III
    Flame I + Flame I = Flame II
    (All of them)
    This must be only Item + Item, no books involved, both item's are destoryed and a new one if forged, like with anvil.
    Optional: Make everything configurable in the config file, like what the outcome encahntment is and how much xp levels it will cost with anvil or commands

    If this is not possible with anvil command will be good, but it would cost about 20 levels(configarable) fromn the player who executes it.
    Ideas for commands:
    /fusion (if not possible with anvil)

    Ideas for permissions:
    When I'd like it by: Whenever it's made :)
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    If not possible with command, workbench with no cost is fine aswell.
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    Cmon is it so hard?
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    Dont give attitude or this may not be made
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    Well if you are taking on the project let me know, becouse until now it seems everyone's been avoiding it

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